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Problem: The game creates "Account_0_GOG" for keeping saves on the 1st run, then scares a player with no "Continue" menu button on the 2nd run because self-moving the saves into "Account_0" and then not reads "Account_0," nullifying any progress for the player, forcing them to move the saves back manually.

What it means: The developers of the game are unprofessional, do not really care nor test what supply to GOG customers.
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Short-Term Solution: Create empty directory "Account_0" inside the "%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\WayOfTheHunter\Saved\SaveGames" directory before running (Full: "%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\WayOfTheHunter\Saved\SaveGames\Account_0") or move the data from it into "Account_0_GOG" before the 2nd run.

Long-Term Solution: Make an issue on or about the bug.
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