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Hello everyone!

Just want to update you guys with the direction of Warsim going forward and what has been going on behind the scenes :)

So currently I'm working on the final update for Warsim before I push it out of early access. The early access release is almost a formality at this point as I've considered the game full and pretty much complete for a while now. But with a whole missing region of the game world it isn't complete... Enter, the Dunelands...

This is the bulk of the update, adding a whole new region, new factions, strange customs, and new locations to discover and conquer. But that's not the only thing that's coming in the next update.

I've been working on a number of sidesystems and quality of life improvements all over the game including

* A big overhaul of the unit recruitment system
* An expansion on the champion recruitment system
* Champion renaming
* Improvements to the player name generation system
* Game over screen overhaul
* Rework of financial aid from vassals and allies
* And some other smaller things

And the final boss of this update is bug fixes. We've been fortunate enough to have heaps of bug reports from people these last few months and I plan to try and tear through as many as I can. Currently I've fixed 24 bugs but there are more reports to get through and 2 particularly irksome bugs I'm currently in pursuit of.

Due to the nature of these bug reports I can't concretely say when the update will be ready but hopefully it won't be too far off.


Something many will be asking no doubt, what do I do after Warsim is released from it's 7 years of development and 5 years of early access?

What's next is I'll be getting myself a nice pint to celebrate!

But seriously I've got a gargantuan list of nice ideas that I decided to ignore until full release and I've been thinking of perhaps making the list public and letting you guys choose some nice things to add :)

Watch this space

Hey there, when do you expect for the 1.0 version to be released on GOG?

I'm looking forward to playing the full version.
Hey mate, I'm working on it asap I tried to push the release through but had some issues and have since been all over the place with family and friends for xmas

Hopefully not very long at all x