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Changelog for Update 1.1.1 (added 04 October 2021)

Galaxy updated (04 October 2021)
Offline Installer updated (05 October 2021)
- Increased number of save slots from 5 to 16. Which is Autosave + 15 manual slots
- Updated Autosave to save when safe after Birthday Party conversation
- Fixed some typos and punctuation issues on MAC Report and Hints
- Fixed some subtitles, hints and descriptions that had extra words in them
- Fixed fuse boxes not showing up in Hotspot Scan in the mine corridor
- Added a message for using the pistol on Titus after his awakening
- Updated Titus to walk forward slightly when coming out of pod, so he doesn't become overlapped by any pods that come afterwards
- Updated MAC report to not mention Vince drinking if he didn't drink
- Fixed issue where using shortcut arrows to select conversation options while talking to Dorothy about her daughter via the communicator would select the wrong options
Changelog for Update 1.1.2 (added 11 October 2021)

Galaxy & Offline Installer updated (11 October 2021)
Skipping Ship transitions

I've had some feedback that players would like to be able to skip ship transitions in order to speed up their travels around Cetus' orbit. This was somewhat tricky because there was no plan to be able to skip transitions so it required particular care and planning to as not to break any existing scenarios, but it looks as though I've been able to come up with a stable solution and now you can click to skip ship transitions! So get ready to mash that mouse button like it's a MOBA and navigate Warp Frontier a little quicker!

I've also been discovering a few interesting bugs that can be found on some of the lesser travelled paths through the game, which are now fixed in this build!

Update Summary:

* Updated ship transition animations to be skippable on click
* Fixed timing issues on machines that occasionally drop below 15fps, resulting in occasional incorrect pathing
* Fixed bug where you could use the strange device on the pod to revive the occupant of the disc even if it didn't match the pod occupant
* Fixed issue when leaving arcade where ship would not be visible during transition
* Updated to version 1.1.2
Source: Steam
Changelog for Update 1.1.3 (added 12 October 2021)

Galaxy & Offline Installer updated (12 October 2021)
A couple of minor fixes

* Fixed MAC not accepting magnets near vent if closest airlock door was closed (Thanks to @jp_olvr
for finding this!)
* Fixed issue with Titus' shadow showing up while he is in the pod
* Updated to version 1.1.3
Source: Steam