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So I used to play reign of heroes when i was about 4 years old and have a strong attachment music from that game. I got this and was surprised when turn 1 I have my first hero and the music is wrong, or at least not the track from ROH. Is there some way to put the ROH tracks into the current one.

Also I have not been able to find which is the original campaign. I think its the bane wars but I am not so sure. EDIT: (it is)


after some digging it looks like it would be theoretically possible to replace the tracks one by one in the music directory, I have tried swapping the .ogg file for the "hero recruitment" music from DLR to ROH but there is no sound whatsoever afterwards. I am attempting some other fixes and if i find a solution I will post it.
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I am very interested in making the music from ROH work.
Please update if you find an answer. For now, I just mute ingame music and loop youtube playlist :)

EDIT: Would be lovely to make it work the same it did with the CD version of ROH - new turn, new track!
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This wouldn't be that difficult. You can find the soundtrack on YouTube. Google a YouTube MP3 export tool online, then Google an MP3 to OGG format converter. Both tools are easy to find. Download your OGG files into the appropriate music directory, replacing the current tracks.