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Hi all,

In light of the recent unpatching of the Warlords Battlecry III installer, we have put up another new installer (version of our installer) that is patched to version 1.03, uses no mods, and is fixed to work without the unofficial patch :)

We have fixed the problem caused by the ancient copy protection and how it affected the random number generator. The random number generator should no longer be broken and the game should work properly as advertised :)

If something is still awry, please don't hesitate to write to Support :)

Thanks and enjoy the weekend :)
GoblinFX: I also love what you GOG guys do. Your support amongst game sites is unmatched. Bravo!

I have a question. Please, no one crucify me. I do like the additions in the 103b version 5 patch. Will this work with your latest updated version from GOG?
As long as the patch just adds / overwrites the files instead of patching them, it should work.