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I have multiple issues, that are related, some might be on GOG side some purely on the game side.
After about 3 or 4 hours of playing Warhammer Quest 2 today game completely freeze whole PC, and I needed to do hard reboot. (so I have no screenshot)
After rebooting PC I started the game again to find out all the progress I did in that 4 hours is gone!
To explain this point to people that did not play the game, it saves progress every few seconds. (I writes on screen "Progress saved")
Here it might be that it was actually saved, but GOG galaxy decided to overwrite it with older saves on start.
I wanted to contact game support (using the in game button), but that failed with error message that I do not have email client installed (which is not true).
I think there is no easy way to find the support email address.
I tried to use GOG bot to send this, but bot said "I'm sorry but I was not able to create a ticket.
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