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When I start the game is plays fine on Windows 10, but... the game plays in a small window in the center of my screen. Is there anyway to get it to be larger besides changing my desktop resolution before playing?

It also on occasion kills all audio on my system, and I have to uninstall/reinstall audio drivers followed by a reset to fix it.
Post edited February 24, 2018 by Rasimov
Found a way to do it - however it is incredibly temperamental.

My setup -
> Windows 10 home 64 bit
> Intel N3710
> dgVoodoo2 MS x86 files copied and pasted into 40k installation folder
> Desktop resolution set to 1024*768
> Intel Graphics Centre scaling mode to 'centre image'
> Downloaded Fullscreenizer

Now timing is key:

1) Run 40k Rites of War
2) Before the main menu loads, Alt-tab to the folder containing Fullscreenizer
3) Run Fullscreenizer and select 40k, force fullscreen
4) Alt tab back to 40k rites of War

This gives me a fullscreen window maintaining intended aspect ratio.
However if I alt-tab out again, then the application reverts to a widescreen aspect ratio.