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This game is on sale on GOG, yet at least one review and some posts here indicate that version 1.4 is not available for the GOG version.
Is this still true or is this now obsolete?
I'd like to know before buying
THank you
In Galaxy the game is said, since 3 months
Post edited August 28, 2021 by ERISS
The game wasn't updated for the longest time, despite requests from the GOG community that the developer do so. I even reached out to them via Twitter, because I wanted the gamepad support. Then, after a long time, the game finally got the update. I think it's now on par with Steam, so you can buy it here.

I do hope that if the developers release their upcoming game on GOG that they strive to keep it up-to-date, too.
The game is updated to the (600MB update)