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So its been out for a few weeks but no one seems to be posting about the experience. If you are waiting for an invitation, here it is!
I assume because we are too bussy playing i.e, getting our ass kicked
ussnorway: I assume because we are too bussy playing i.e, getting our ass kicked
Lol, that's what I wanted to write, but I finally returned to play :)
I'm generaly positive about Gladius. I'm glad that my assumptions about some elements of mechanics were indeed improved, comparing to Pandora (previous game of this studio). Time needed to research and obtain some decent units is not so incredibly long as it was in Pandora, plus the fact that we're rather basing on ready units instead of "composing" them from some basis and weapon (all required research). It's a shame though that there is no customization of some units where I would expect it, e.g. Guardsmen can't be equiped with Grenade Launchers, Plasma Rifles etc, or Leman Russ can't have changed base weapon...

But in its basis it's a good and enjoyable title. Self-explanatory enough to not be flooded with countless aspects, but also not primitive. I like idea with quests, it's adding more flavour and variety to gameplay. A bit shame though that it's always the same path and the same set of sub-missions.

There are still some things requiring fixing, such as the aspect with terrain height (in some cases you can go only through some fixed path, but it's almost never visible on the map). I have hope for some additional features (such as hot-seat mode or more units - IMO Astra Militarum is missing some better ranged infantry, such as Karskins or Rattling Snipers). I'm of course impatiently waiting for new factions DLC(s).

But to conclude - I'm glad that we've received good and enjoyable game.
Yes waiting for Chaos Marines. So I play Space Marines, almost without their Space part :)