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As you may know half of the launcher is dedicated to multiplayer, allowing you to choose your model and host games. Yet you can't join any because it relies on the now defunct Spyware Arcade, meaning now we can't talk about how quiet it is. :(

But salvation has come to my knowledge: Game Radar! In short, Game Radar either tricks the game into thinking it's a LAN party or disguises itself in the code as the Spyware service to allow online play with old games that no longer do. And one of these games is Fire Warrior. I don't know if GOG allows external links to other sites like this but I attached a photo of the website. All you gotta do is download the thing, make an account and SHABOOM you can fight for the Greater Good or the Holy Imperium (depending on your preference). Even if you don't want to play this game in multiplayer the first Modern Warfare is compatible, and I mean the FIRST EVER MW.

My name on there is slender and I'm the founder of the Dredd Marines Group, named so because I also own Judge Dredd: Dredd vs. Death and I wanted to incorporate it into the name. I await you, either in the grimdarkness of the far future or the crime ridden streets of Mega City One.
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