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A roll of dice picked the Sisters of Battle for my first faction. Felt very weak at first and very powerful at the end once I got all the upgrades and rolling in with 3000 requisition points.

I would pay full price for Battlesector 2 that leaves combat and units exactly as they are and focuses entirely on adding a new campaign mode that would be a more restricted version of Gladius - some economy management, and moving multiple armies across the map and with combat resolved via the current Battlesector fights.

A few minor quibbles - right now AI feels extremely derpy. Their units often do not attack despite being in range, wasting their turns running around the contact lines and just absorbing casualties. About a quarter of AI's moves is just wasted.

The final base taking mission that requires one to take 4 points around the map is underwhelming as well because these points do not seem to do anything for the enemy, so essentially this just even further weakens the AI that is already pushed back to its last tile - its trying to split its forces to protect this points and gets defeated in detail. I think they should be getting some significant defensive benefits at their home base.

Perhaps a spawn of 1 to 2 units per turn for every point they hold?

Also I wish there would be in general, some static defenses around the map. Hurts to see these perfectly functional Imperial Forts on the map that don't shoot back.