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Alright, I love the game. Would love to stream it, but this game is just un-streamable. I'm someone who bought a streaming console and play with a giant screen, but with the way classic is made, I can't even do that. I think GoG gave a slap with the classic version. Sure, enhanced works, but why it doesn't support online play? What is wrong with you GoG?

Would strongly love feedback on that, but I pretty much fear GoG will ignore these forums. I tried searching online for tricks or alternative ways to make the game being windowed, or trying to force it to be, it seems impossible.
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Have you tried ALT+Enter? As for why you can't play enhanced online; my guess is that competitive players will complain that it gives someone an unfair advantage. It's why Broodwar remastered was essentially untouched (aside for graphics).
Obs capture screen
There are multiple solutions for running the game in windowed mode, even with support.

However, if you want to stream and you're going to use window capture (or game capture) in OBS you probably will get a black screen on (The actual gameplay can be streamed fine though). Highly doubt there will be a solution for streaming in windowed mode since the game creates multiple windows while being on
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Was very annoying to set up but managed to add it to my streamlabs since I prefer it as a variety game over regular obs. The Screen Capture is definitely the way to go. Still, wish GoG would make the launch better. Good thing War2Combat support GoG online.