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terror-kahn: Look at all of these issues people are complaining about in the forums. Few can even get on to the server, and NONE can host without port forwarding?

This is 2019. Shouldn't the GOG support team be making an attempt to make Warcraft II compatible with current operating systems? Shouldn't the GOG support team be implementing firewall hole punching to make sure their paying customers are able to join and host games?

At this point, I feel like this should be a Free game.. Not anything that costs $$$.
CAPSL0CKS0N: This is pennies for a classic, and it's hilarious how many dipshits like you seem to think the fact that it requires you to do something as simple as port forwarding, which every game in wc2's timeframe required, is somehow a sign of it being defective.
It's not even "every game in wc2 timefrime", it's actually even pretty common for many modern Games, which doesn't have any kind of dedicated Servers(and even there can be sometimes issues with strict nat type which is why it's better to open ports for them as well...). I had quite some Games, mostly indie - like Grim Dawn, Terraria or Starbound, where port-forwarding helped.