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When I launch W2SOUNDS.EXE
the promt opens and says

"Warcraft II BNE installation not found!"

"Press any key to exit..."

1. Is there a fix to this?
2. Does anyone know the directory that W2SOUNDS.EXE is looking for? perhaps if I relocate the game files there it will find them?
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You download it from It absolutely same file as from ingame folder. I dont know why they put it in download section.

If you talk about ingame sound exe file - it not editor. It for extract sounds, and most of them is voices. that files already extracted in GOG for unknown reason. And that tool crealy say that it BroodWar sound Extractor.

For open and ectract mpq files use 3rd party Blizzard-MPQ editors.
Post edited June 16, 2020 by QWEEDDYZ