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Hi everyone,

The GoG release of WC2 BNE made me play with the editor again - only this time I also knew how to hand-tailor the AI opponents. The result is a small (7 missions) single-player campaign which you can find here: The Legacy of Dalaran.

The story is set between WarCraft II: Beyond the Dark Portal and WarCraft III. It follows the wizard Khadgar as he investigates the arcane experiments of the Dalaran magi... turns out these were more dangerous than he imagined.

The maps are rather complex and challenging, on Beyond the Dark Portal level. But then I guess all of you are veterans either, so it should be pretty fitting.

Both storyline and installation instructions are available in German and English.

Have fun!
you should replace maps where is orginal campaign, but you need remember that mission objective wont change, for example in mission 1 human dark portal you need add the same heros(danath/alleria/turalyon) or mission will be failed at begin

I replaced your maps with orginal campaign, and got insta lose, just need add the same heroses,
Mission 1: alleria, danath, turalyon
Mission 2: danath
Mission 3: Turalyon
Mission 4: is fine
Mission 5: is fine
Mission 6: danath, turalyon
Mission 7: alleria kadghar, deathwing

Ok, added few spells, mission objective are the same like in mission 1/2/3/4/5/6/7, if you need in orginal like in mission 1 just need to go to circle of power with heros

You can check spells, I tried to add the same but not sure I added everything

- fixed mission 4, player need to make fortress to finish game, so I added oil platform, its shouldnt possible to use it before kill black
-removed spell polymoph mission 7, cause player shoudnt use it vs deathwing

You can make another campaign but with the same mission objective as in orginal campaign and I can help you
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Thank you very much for this, although I'm not certain I understand everything. Will meet you in chat.
Anthony_Xue: Hi!

Thank you very much for this, although I'm not certain I understand everything. Will meet you in chat.
do you use this forum still ? I have managed to make an enhanced version from your mod.

I enabled all triggers you set up for your original maps + plot. I would appreciate a reply from you. Awesome storyline with Khadgar, no doubt !