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Dear all,

I hope this message finds you well.

I am playing to Warcraft II Beyond the Dark Portal but I am stuck to the 5th Orcish mission were you have to claim the dragon roster as well as as much dragons as possible. In fact, I tried to do the mission as it is shown in the YT video "Warcraft 2: Beyond the Dark Portal - Full Orc Campaign Gameplay & Story (Walkthrough / Speedrunsince)" of Stu since 45:30 (sorry for not posting the link directly but when I try I have a message from GOG saying me that I cannot post links) and I succeed to claim the dragon roster as well as several dragons (they become green and I can use them). However, unless like in the video, I do not win the level. Rather, the dragons are killed by the Humans and the dragon roster is destroyed. Do you know why ? Is it due to a patch / bug or am I doing something wrong ?

More globally, I find the AI quite difficult (I'm not a RTS fan and I play to Warcraft II essentially to grab some information on the Warcraft universe's lore). Do you know is there a way to modify the difficulty settings ? I know that a lot of RTS allow you to choose the difficulty (Easy / Normal / Hard for example) but I don't think that it is possible with WII, isn't it ?

Thnak you for having read my message.

PS : sorry for potential errors, I am not native-english so for me writting in english is a bit hard.
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Someone say that AI more passive if save-loading (for fix that player must save only once at end of the mission before next one).
Any can i advise - slowdown game speed at start and increase at middle. AI always faster and always cheated, in any game. I advise to cheat "on screen" - to remove FOW, AI see it anyway.

There is no difficulty. You can also cheat some other cheats - but like in any Blizzard RTS games since Wc1 most of the cheats work for all the teams. I dont remember if tech upgrades work for new AI units or not... If you cheat invulnerability cheat - all mages kill with 1 hit, but unlike others unit - it work for AI mages too. They kill your units with spells just by 1 hit.
Even if tech cheat work for AI i use them anyway when play. Especially in Warcraft 3 - it work even for some neutrals. In most missions (especially RPG-only) it make game harder.
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you need touch every dragon and roost to win this mission