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Hello everyone. I would like to ask if I purchase and download this game. Is there an active multiplayer channel that I can play against other players?
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The official servers are quite empty but I do host games for everyone every weekend on there.

You can check my Youtube and Twitch to see how those usually go and see if that would be appealing to you or if you would like to join us during those sessions.

Besides that the multiplayer at least the official / non pirated way is pretty uneventful and severely lacks any kind of support or attention from both publishers/right owners.

To play multiplayer on WC2 you need to have a real non-shared IPV4, you also will need to be able to forward your ports 6112-6119 on your router on both tcp and udp. and you may possibly need to add a different ddraw.dll lib in your game folder for the game to render properly in some cases. That being said you can find all the help you may need regarding those problems on our discord channel.

Hopefully this helps!