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So since i had a ton of issues launching this after buying it from GOG and finding nothing on the forums, i browsed youtube and other sites until i finally found a fix and explanation. So here it goes:

I tried everything from repair/fix to uninstall and reinstall. Tried changing settings for my video card and graphics cards, everything IGG and other people suggested. Nothing worked. Then the miraculous moment of finding this simple fix. Seems the DRM wasnt fully disabled because after i went into my Windows explorer, right-clicked on Computer ( also known in win10 as This PC) and choose properties, went to advanced system settings, hit settings under performance, and went to the Data Execution Prevention tab, i followed the advice i found on youtube and

I changed it to run DEP for everything EXCEPT what i put exceptions for and added both executables to the list, hit apply and restarted the pc. Now EVERYTHING works. The sounds, video, everything. Seems like this wasnt tested too well to me, but i have zero clue as to how much work has been done by GOG support team. Normally they are great about their support, but seems it fell a little flat with this issue. Hope this saves a lot of people the headache and frustration i went through.
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