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The game starts, I select Warcraft II (Classic), and then Multi Player Game, and then Enhanced, and then

All of the dialogs have their text cut off, so I can't fully read any.
Two that are clearly errors pop up (attached), and then I'm dropped back to the menu.

Any idea what's going on?

Possibly of note is that I get "Invalid command line switch?" during the Direct X installation, but the game does start fine, just not
See attached.
error2.jpg (112 Kb)
error1.jpg (112 Kb)
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DirectX 9 must be installed. And updated (with latest stable OS update builds and from web-installer of DirectX).
Must be enabled Legacy DirectPlay component in Windows turn on\off features (then restart).

Error message says sometning about corrupt game files or wrong game version. Reinstall it statred offline installer as admin and to path like X:\Games\Warcraft-2\ . Start game launcher (from GOG) as admin. Check others compatiblity options and turn them off (GOG did set not needed for all games and do not set that needed - ADMINRUN and DISABLETHEMES \ DISABLEDWM).

check all that games specific articles