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This is a momentous day, dear player!
You are lucky to get the first adapted warcraft fun campaign for Warcraft II - Alaunter.
Many years have passed since the release of the cult game. Many people wanted to create their own campaign... and now, through the efforts of the team, we can give this product to you!

The campaign will have three acts, here's the first one in front of you.
The first act of the campaign tells about the difficult fate of the Alaunter country people, about the lawlessness of those in power, about unnecessary wars with neighboring countries ... and while people are strifing between themselves - powerful green creatures land on the coast of the mainland and start a bloody war against all those living here.
The campaign poses the question: what's next? Who will lead people into the battle against an alien, thinking and dangerous race? ...

In the campaign you will encounter strong opponents, dangerous labyrinths, feel despair, but you can still lead your people to victory ...

So, what are you waiting for, my lord? Click NEXT-NEXT, finish all preparations! It is your turn!

Additional Information:
The development is kind of unique:
The campaign is made on the basis of the game from Blizzard: Warcraft II BNE, version 2.02, popular with online players war2.
At the same time, this build excludes everything related to multiplayer and single not related to campaigns.
All the videos, backgrounds, briefings with their voice acting - are replaced to ones, designed specifically for this campaign!
The portraits of the heroes and their voices are also remade.
Menu system is redesigned.

The executable file of the game have been modified: the mission objectives, the icon of the original game, some other details.

All the names, menu items, other text strings, as well as units voices - are taken from the most popular russian translation of Warcraft II TD, ported to BNE by our team and modified in accordance with the objectives of the campaign.

All the usual units in the game (not heroes) are left unchanged. With one exception:
The archer and the ranger (its improved version) - icons are redrawn, and also their voices are changed.
The archer is renamed, and is no longer an elf.

This is an out team experiment. If you like the new archer - we can remake other units in the campaign part 2 and 3.

This campaign contains russian language content only, nothing on english. I just shared it for you to have a look.
Going to translate that into English soon (at least texts via Google Translate)
Also searching for good english voices to make an English version.
link 2:
link 3:
Post edited July 30, 2019 by ilwar2
That sounds awesome, thanks for sharing.

I have not tried yet but I am very excited to discover the additions such as the archer.

If I may suggest something, a little video on YouTube would be great.
Great news, but does this change explain why we can't save games now?
rklemetson: Great news, but does this change explain why we can't save games now?
No idea about saving games, everything should work fine with both clean war2 and war2 alaunter...