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Hello and greetings about your game, from a "first hour" DK fan. I simply feel like at home, this very same home I used to spend time, feeling good and torturing or converting humans with a horde of vampires 21 years ago...

As your game goes, I would so heavily see a kind of DLC (if it's not already discussed as a potential WFTO 2) where you can finally invade, or at least "test your might" on the surface, in a kind of mix between Pet my dungeon and Crucible.

I don't really have thought about the mere gameplay around this specific "challenges", but would find as hellishly funny as enjoyable to finally see your gross armies invading a charming small town, in a (more or less) reserved rôles, where our minions invade and a kind of "surface keeper" try his best to protect his... Townhall ? Church ? Elder ?

In fact I would see a mode where this long hellish buld up army would end not in just defending against human invasions, destroying human underground "outposts", or other keepers, but burning once and for all this hecking overworld, and not letting this feature kind of "stolen" (I'm kidding) by games like Overlord or Dungeons, which are merely spiritual successors of DK spirit.

This overworld which was heavily teased in DK2... ;)
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Hi V3nom,

Pleased to hear that you're enjoying the game! :)

As it stands right now War for the Overworld is no longer being actively developed by our team as we are now working on a new project after three years of constant support. Sadly that means there's no new major content in the pipeline for WFTO, though we certainly won't rule out bug fixes and other minor improvement updates.

Overworld Gameplay is something we considered a long time ago, and back then we had to cross it off as a possibility as we knew with our resources as a start-up independent we wouldn't be able to develop a compelling overworld experience while also developing the Dungeon Gameplay with the layers of depth that we wanted.

Sadly that meant that there was no chance of it appearing from then on as this sort of feature is such a huge paradigm shift it would be difficult to implement into the game on both a design and technical level today. It's certainly an exciting concept but it's one we'd want to do justice. It's potential sequel material for sure but as we are not currently working on WFTO2 I can't say if we will ultimately decide to pursue that gameplay experience or do something new.

I hope that answers your question and I'm sorry that we can't yet offer you the opportunity to plunder the realms that you conquer.


Many thanks for your answer. And yes I was already aware about what you told in the second part, and I was about to say that WFTO is prolly already too focused on dungeon gameplay to make it fitted for an overworld part that would be efficient and enjoyable enough for you.

Anyway, only time will tell, and I wish you as many wind in the good direction for all your sails !

My best regards <3