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Changelog for Patch 2.0.4 (added 08 August 2018):

Gameplay/Balance Changes

Archon (Titan)
- Basic Attack
-- Damage decreased from 400 to 350
- Exterminate
-- Damage decreasesd from 500 to 400

Behemoth (Titan)
- Recuperation (Out of combat health regeneration)
- Regeneration rate increased from 0.25% to 0.45% of maximum health per second
- Relentless (In combat health regeneration)
- Regeneration rate increased from 0.025% to 0.045% of maximum health per second

Eternal (Titan)
- Time Vortex (Slowing Aura)
- Now slows enemies by 50% down from 60%

Visual Improvements
- The Evil Arcane theme now has its own worker. Evil dorfs arrive!

Audio Changes
- Added Additional Unit VO:
-- Democorn
-- Sentinel & Stone Knight
-- Rat
-- Highguard
-- Thunderling
- Adjusted VO:
-- Chunder

Miscellaneous Improvements
- Users on all platforms who were suffering from abnormally high GPU
- Utilisation should no longer suffer from this issue

Bug Fixes
- Crashes & Show-stoppers
- As described in the highlight section a number of graphics related Linux crashes should no longer occur

Levels / Campaigns
- Fixed an issue on Level 13 of the War for the Overworld campaign where Arcane Templar’s shields would appear without their texture

- Fixed some minor warnings
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Changelog for Update v2.0.5 "Relentlessly Researched Ravines" (added 05 October 2018):

Graphics & Visual Changes
- Founders theme Dungeon Core now has death VFX
- Improved animation transitions on the Kasita Theme Core

Audio Changes
- New Unit Voice-Over for the following units:
--- Necromancer - He can raise the dead with his new lines
--- Beastmaster - Finally found his voice
--- Oculus - But how?
- Units which are based on a common template (I.e. Temple Guard and Templar) will now use VO and SFX from their template unit if they did not have specific VO and SFX previously

Localisation & Community Translation
- New localisation batches completed and available for Community Translations including:
--- UI Text, mostly related to Map Editor 2.0 features
--- Minion Ability Tooltip Updates
--- Map Editor Tooltip Updates
--- Mutator Tooltip updates
- Updated Localisation Notes available in Batches to assist translators
- Copied existing translations for Spells, Potions, Rooms, Rituals, Defences,
- Constructs into their Magic Finder (Mighty Script) labels, as they are used in editing My Pet Dungeon waves.
- Chinese now has consistent numbers & Latin Chars
- Updates to Polish translation for intro cinematic
- Revised polish subtitle timings for intro cinematic
- Updated Japanese Font
- Tweaks to Map Editor Artefacts panel tooltips (EN only)

UI & UX Improvements
- Small improvements to Main Menu layout
- Minor changes to the styling of version number on Main Menu

Miscellaneous Changes
- Unit name pool adjustments
- Renamed Fantastic -> Devilish in the Launcher, accessible by holding alt as the game loads
- Dungeon Hearts April fools added to the Extras menu

Bug Fixes
Crashes & Showstoppers
- Updated UI Middleware which should fix a rare crash at launch & improve performance

- Piggys should no longer become trapped in a panic state
- Fixed some minor issues with the Evil Arcane worker

- Blade Lotus' area indicator now more accurately represents the Blade Lotus' effective radius

- Fixed alignment issues with the Founder's theme Dungeon Core.

UI, Localisation & UX
- Fixed an issue which would prevent the Skirmish menu from appearing under specific circumstances whilst playing the GOG version of the game deployed with GOG installers
- Corrected an issue that caused display issues with euro characters under certain conditions
- Audio buffer size for UI doubled to prevent skipping in UI videos
- Warning when missing password when setting up a MP game now displays correctly
- The tooltips for level and achievement progress now translate correctly

Levels & Campaigns
- War for the Overworld - Level 5 - Empire area now correctly uses the "Dwarven" theme
- Fixed issues where achievements were not correctly completing after loading a save game on certain Heart of Gold levels

Graphics & Visuals
- Fixed a visual error with Permafrost tiles whilst using the Sanguine terrain theme
- Permafrost now blends correctly with other tiles in the Snowy terrain theme\n

- Fixed a number of null reference exceptions