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Edit: I found the solution (this should be in the sticky, imo)

Step 1: Uninstall the game but make a backup of your saves folder in your WftO/gamedata/maps directory

Step 2: Use the newest version of CCleaner to clean your files and registry.

Step 3: Install the newest (!) version of the game from GoG

Step 4: Copy your saves back to the maps directory

Should work now. I didn't need to run the game as an admin.



I start the game, try to load a previous save, and it doesn't work. Installing the newest version and running the game as an administrator does not work. Any help is appreciated.

Windows 7x64
GTX 760
i5 2500k
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Hi Pejorative,

Glad to hear you identified the solution and thanks for summarising it here. I have created a knowledgebase article for this topic and I'll be adding it to the stickied thread momentarily.