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Thanks, the patch worked very nicely. Note however, that all save games (yeah, 10 minutes into the game :-) ) and configurations were gone. But never mind that, for Gromit had a named toast and would give it to Wallace.

Unfortunately, I still have the bug even with the new version (or something has gone horrible wrong)
I encountered this bug, read the forums, afterwards downloaded the patch. As I had reinstalled my operating system between mow and my gromit installation, the patch did not recognize the game to be installed. After downloading the game installer and installing it, the patch says it is already applied yet I still cannot give grommit the toast.
I lost my save game in the process so I think the new version is really applied but I still cannot give him the toast.
I bought the Humble Bundle version & am having the issue.... any chance somebody can send me a link to the patch?