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Hi ariaspi, thank you for the incredible game.

I ran into a show stopping bug, however, as I finished inserting the 5 crypto keys at the top of the wall. Once the laser activated against the boss, my game has frozen. I can no longer move, shoot, anything except aim my turret. It does let me move that up and down. Please see attached screen shot of the end I'm eternally experiencing.. until I quit the game I guess.

I am very sad about this result because I found many blueprints and 2 of the 5 crypto keys this run. I'm pretty sure your game only saves after runs end, so because I have to close the program I will lose all of the progress (50k xp!!!) this run had made and need to find the keys again :(

edit: wooooo, I didn't lose my blueprints and xp! I'll start a new game and see if I can get past the top of the wall again..

edit 2: success, the boss was vacant and I was able to just freely mine and upgrade until I walked off the top of the world again, this time it played the ending properly and rolled credits. Thanks again for an amazing game! I couldn't put it down since the day it released.
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Um, sorry, but I'm not a developer. :)