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trying to find low/non-violent games for my not yet reading five year old. he currently plays faster than light and MOO2 by trial and error,and i want to find something a little more educational and less violent. Any recommendations?
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Definitely. There is no combat in the game. The closest thing is one spore that has an explosive property. The game is mostly a puzzle and exploration game and is geared more to children than adults. Not sure how it plays to a 5 year old, but there are plenty of educational lessons available in terms of ecosystems and co-dependance. It could also be argued that math is involved.
Well, some of the creatures you meet are dangerous, either because they attack in self-defense or because they try to eat the main character, but I would think a smart five-year-old can deal with "some creatures are dangerous". And I agree with RWarehall - this game does a great job of showing how different creatures interact and how an ecosystem works. What was particularly fun for me was discovering this, creature by creature and interaction by interaction.

All the dialogue in this game is fully voice-acted, and pretty well too, so it may be possible for a non-reader to get all the story. The game will be more challenging for a player that can't read the Research Log, though; that's where all the useful information is accumulated. That said, if the kid is already playing Master of Orion 2, I suspect he could handle Waking Mars easily enough.