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I see that the normal price here on GoG is € 44,99 and with current black friday sale it's € 15,29 (which ends in a couple of hours)
On Steam the normal price is €29,99 and the with the fall sale over there it was about €10,19 (it just ended, so it's normal price now)
I just wonder where this huge difference in price is coming from. GoG is €15 more expensive then Steam regarding the normal price and with the sale the difference was € 5,10. How does it come that Steam is cheaper. You don't gonna tell me it's because of the DRM removing on GoG. That would be lame.
candesco: ...
And another big point:
You have Linux support with the steam-version. GOG does not sell the linuxversion because the multiplayer part need galaxy and GOG has no linux galaxy client...
I would have been RIPSHIT Fucking furious if I paid 30 quid, let alone 45 quid for this shit game. I took a flier with a 5 quid buy and was disappointed. OMFG I cant believe this was 45 quid. FUUUUUUKKKKKK That!