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kblazer883: I had to get a refund of Victor Vran and the DLCs due to the OpenGL 3.2 error.
xixas: For a lot of people that issue was due to only having the the 64-bit OpenGL libraries installed, and simply required grabbing the 32-bit version (i386) from the repo -- which is mentioned in the game listing.

Others were running open source video drivers that didn't support later OpenGL versions. Solution there was usually to switch to proprietary drivers or upgrade the open source drivers via a PPA.

Then there were the library dependency conflicts (like in this thread) where the solution is simply deleting the conflicting files.

I tried getting the 32-bit version, it still didn't work unfortunately.

kblazer883: Oh wait. I just don't know enough about Linux to go rooting around adding and changing things through the terminal.
xixas: That's what the forums are for ;)

Well, in the forums the usual responses I've heard to requests for Linux solutions is "Google".

kblazer883: That is a huge benefit of Windows over Linux for gamers (there is no "easy" version of Linux to use when you have to use terminal commands to get it running).
xixas: I don't know about that.

There are plenty of problems for Windows users where games won't work between Windows versions, with certain video drivers, or without setting a compatibility mode or running as administrator.

Usually someone asks you to generate a system report, which is unintelligible to most users. Then they suggest something like editing the registry, which is far more tedious and potentially destructive than what Linux users generally go through in a terminal.

Other times it's simply missing drivers or DLLs. But getting those files for Windows users means heading over to their favorite search engine to scour a myriad of disparate file hosts and then downloading missing files from an unknown or untrusted source. A unified package repository system is significantly easier to me.

For gaming on Linux, the "easy" mode is sticking to Ubuntu -- just like sticking to a recent version of Windows. It's bloated and gives you less control then you'd like, but it just works most of the time, and usually your problems can be solved without ever opening a terminal.
That comment comes after decades of Windows use vs. ~1 year of Linux use (even the "easy" version Mint 19.1). With a lack of familiarity like I had with Windows, I stand by my original comment regarding Linux.
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kblazer883: That comment comes after decades of Windows use vs. ~1 year of Linux use (even the "easy" version Mint 19.1). With a lack of familiarity like I had with Windows, I stand by my original comment regarding Linux.
I hear ya. I ran Windows up until '99. But every version since XP seems worse than the last.
Over 20 years later (and more distros than I care to recount) I've never regretted making the switch to Linux.

MacOS on the other hand... now that's a pain, both for development and gaming.
But ya work with what ya have to work with ;)

I don't have time for the old days of troubleshooting Debian Sid, tweaking my kernel, or sitting around all day for packages to build on Arch. And I'm not willing to sit on my hands while Canonical flip-flops on Ubuntu user tracking or lose productivity to their constant desire to change the entire rendering stack every release.

I actually really like Mint, though. It's been my daily driver for the last year or so. Ubuntu LTS compatibility with less bloat suits me fine for most desktop and development tasks, and occasional gaming's a cakewalk compared to some other distros. Sure, ya run into an outdated library here and there, but that's what PPAs are for.
So I finally got it running too. Wasn't that easy so I type the neccessary commands here summarized for other Ubuntu Bionic users here. Specificaly I run ZorinOS 15.1. So just open a terminal and copy & paste:

sudo apt update
sudo dpkg --add-architecture i386
sudo apt install libxt6:i386 libgcrypt11-dev:i386
cd "~/GOG Games/Victor Vran"
rm -r game/i386
sudo ln -s /usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu/ /usr/local/lib/
sed '3 a export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/lib/i386-linux-gnu:/usr/local/lib'


have fun =)