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I would like to ask one question: what version of Victor Vran can you buy on GOG?
Because I found out, that there is an so called Overkill version (Steam, consoles like Nintendo Switch etc.)

What is the difference?

Thanks in advance for any answer.
Yes, the GOG version is the same as on other platforms.

The Overkill Edition bundles together the base game and the DLCs.

On GOG, you can get the exact same thing by buying the base game and the DLCs.

You'll be paying the same price and getting the same thing either way. But GOG is the only version that is DRM-free.

And this is one of the few games on GOG that actually has multiplayer Crossplay with the Steam version.
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Thank you for your kindness and all the informations :)
Now I will sure buy the Motörhead DLC.
You are welcome.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the Overkill Edition includes the Motorhead DLC and also the Fractured Worlds DLC as well. So if you want your version to be 100% the same as the Overkill Edition, then you would have to buy the Fractured Worlds DLC as well.

On both Steam and GOG, most players love the Motorhead DLC but hate the Fractured Worlds DLC. Although the Fractured Worlds DLC is necessary if you are going for 100% Achievements.
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