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Hi everyone

I've been having a loot itch recently and been playing some Torchlight and Grim Dawn. Torchlight II is okay, but I have a problem with how 'hollow' the enemies feel. It isn't fun to hit them. I've been playing Grim Dawn for the first time and I've sunk quiet a bit of hours in it. I've been loving it so far. The only issue I can say I have with it, is the lack of an endgame or map mode like what Torchlight has.

So I've been looking through GOG's library and saw this game. It looks pretty and the setting is colorful which is always a plus. Also, I see it has scenarios and a type of adventure mode for endgame stuff. It seems like a good fit for me but I see it has some middling reviews and it is pricey. If it was on sale for less than $20 I would just buy it...

So my questions are: do you think it will go on sale during this winter sale? Has it been on sale in the past? Is it worth it at full price? Do you think it'll be a good fit for me? I want an ARPG with loots of cool loot to collect and a fun endgame mode where I can just relax and mindlessly farm. A good story is always a plus, but that's optional. Does this Van Helsing collection provide all of that? Should I just bite the bullet and pay the $45?

Thanks for reading :)
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