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So ummm.....

wtf is gog doing with patches for this game?

I bought & downloaded the game about 4 months ago or so (mid summer.... can't remember exact date) & it's version 1.0.

I see v1.1.5 is marked as an update for me when looking today... no idea when it was posted but there's no patch notes I can see so I googled "vampyr patch notes" & got steam posts about version 1.04... from over a year ago.

Unless gog's "1.0" is actually Steam's 1.1.0 or something that means they're delaying patches an insane amount.

Also still looking for patch notes to see if it's worth the 15 or so days it'll take to re-download the whole game on my dial-up... since they couldn't be bothered to post a differential patch either.
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Would also be interested in seeing the patch notes for this
Mine just updated to this version. Old galaxy.
I had the same trouble trying to find out what had changed due to the lack of pach notes :(

There's reason to be happy though, as they added support for achievements at last :)
I'd started playing not long ago and they suddenly started appearing after the latest update.
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