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Vampire TMR is an epic Action Adventure/ RPG that will eat a lot of your time to finish it.
The story is good, but certainly not exceptional. The discipline magic is much better than in it's sequel Bloodlines, The music adds greatly to the atmosphere, causing you to forget the dated graphics and allowing you to get immersed in the game world. The game play is linear, without any sidequests.
One thing that is incredibly annoying is the weak AI. Your coterie members frequently get stuck behind open doors, walk through incredibly dangerous place that they could easily avoid (sunlight, anyone?).
Talking about coterie members, they spend blood like madmen, using high disciplines at small fry like a ghoul rat or ghoul baby spider. All in all, this makes your coterie members more useful as a distraction than as a full coterie memeber. For this reason, I won't give them any blood bottles/ packs.
My favorite attack spells are Theft of Vitae, Firestorm and Prison of Ice.
Things I like: Huge choice of magic,Blood instead of Mana, nice Atmospheric Music, no enemy respawn
Things I don't like: weak AI, dumb inventory arrangement, flawed character movement.