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alcaray: I'm starting to detect a theme here. Have fun.
Me too. Your hypocritical views falling apart under even the barest scrutiny. In my experience, most proponents of cancel culture generally find their views indefensible and either resort to direct ad hominem or just refusing to discuss them like you.

I mean, your obvious and naked bigotry aside, this is all immaterial. As wesp5 pointed out and linked to, the entire debacle was nonsense constructed by a spurned woman lashing out an ex-boyfriend and taking advantage of the current cultural climate and the throngs of horking seals who support it. I imagine a lot of scores, real and imaginary, are being settled while this flash in the pan social crusade stays relevant.
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Going back to one of the primary things stated here...

I don't think its too terrible for me to be excited at the possibility to play as a gay male in the new it? I think being able to set my sexuality at the start and potentially thus avoid any sexual encounters with the opposite sex that would not be to my liking and, in some instances, might even be...uncomfortable for me isn't all too much to ask. It's not like I am asking for them to genderbend all women to men and make them all interested in having intimate relations with my character. Though I admit that it would be nice if a few options for romantic partners and/or ghouls etc would be nice, I am not going to go so far as to expect or demand it.

I loved VtMB 1 and still do to this day. I had wished that there were male blood dolls and/or a male ghoul option, but aside from being ghouled by a woman during a sexual encounter, there wasn't really anything major in the way of intimate relationships to make me too upset at the lack of gay representation.

Ignoring this issue however, I am extremely concerned at the direction that the game might go now that the original leads have been removed and I am steadily losing my faith in receiving a product that even resembles the WoD that I have come to love. I never had a high level of faith in the first place, knowing the kind of model that Paradox typically employs in games and their nasty habit of releasing dumpster fires only to rebuild the game into something passable within a few years, but the addition of original members gave me hope. Honestly, I would simply be happy with a straight on remake of the original with actual character design/options, more dialogue choices, maybe a few side quests and updated graphics. But for a sequel I afford myself the lofty expectations of it at least being a WoD expectation I dearly hope to come true regardless of if my sexuality gets representation or not. I love the WoD for its grit and macabre beauty. For the dark dance of the jihad and the careful waltz of maintaining your humanity, or the savage ferocity of tossing humanity to the side to embrace the monster you've become. This world means a lot to me, and for now I can only wait and hope to be pleasantly surprised.
would you people just go back to topic
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