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I did the Spiritual Relase quest, I have the pendant... but when I go to elevator In the Asylumn) and go to the 2nd floor the door doesn't open. Help
Let's start with the usual questions:
Which version of the patch or maybe a mod?
Did you update to a new version and contimued using an old savegame? (or did Galaxy update?)
Have you started the games sometimes with the patch and sometimes without or did you consistently use the same launcher?
Or did you do anything else that is unusual?

I have to ask because I never heard about this bug, so I want to make sure none of the things known to cause trouble have happened.
The only problem up there I know of is that sometimes the cutscenes with Therese get stuck, but I think you're not yet this far in the game.
Just to make sure, you have tried exiting the game and restarting from an earlier save?