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Note: The devs posted changelogs up to Version 1.08 separatly.

Patch 1.09 (29 June 2019)

- Greetings, fellow Adventurers! Team Devespresso here with yet another QOL update for Vambrace: Cold Soul. So, what's new?


- There were a number of inventory related bugs. This patch solves almost all of those issues.

Fast Forward Traps

- You may now Fast Forward the results of Trap Encounters by holding the Shift Button.

Item_Move Key

A new function for moving items has been added to the inventory. Simply click the item and press the Shift key. Click anywhere else and press E to move the item there.

The Traitor Outcome Item

- An item in your room was supposed to be updated following Chapter 6's conclusion. That has now been fixed.

Renamed Items & General Text Updates

- We decided to rename the ultimate relic to Voltek Slug. This is due to its unique properties which actually makes it a more valuable item. The new item, on the other hand, has been renamed "Metal Slug." The Ultimate relic's graphic was also updated to reflect these changes. Furthermore, SystemText has been updated along with the stat changes for those relics. Skill names are fixed at the English one as well. Main Text has also been polished.


- Norihiko Hibino has been credited for his amazing engineering work on the Vambrace original game soundtrack.
- Hideyuki Sakurai of Konami Digital Entertainment Co., Ltd. has also been credited for his work on the game's distribution in Japan.

Boss Slot Number:

- Some people may have noticed that Septhis's slot number said "II" instead of "III" in the final fight. Well, this wasn't actually a mistake. His portrait was simply blocking one of the numerals. We fixed that.

Lyric Skin Glitch

- Some of Lyric's costumes, especially the 'Ghost Vigilante Uniform' had some odd animation glitches. Minho made some changes here, with her ankle and skirt so we hope that fixes all the costumes.

Comrade Campfire Dialogue

- Missing Dialogue was discovered for one of the comrades. This has been restored.
- Several additional dialogue glitches were also fixed.


- Also, don't forget to participate in our art contest! There will be some pretty neat prizes for the contestants including Steam keys for Vambrace, the soundtrack, and of course, having your work immortalized on our social media feeds. You can also submit your art through #VambraceArt.

Until next time,

Team Devespresso