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Hi everyone,

We have uploaded the latest version of Valdis Story: Abyssal City. Please check your game shelves for the newest installer. Due to the amount of changes in this version, we had to make an all new installer.


*Hot fix updated for Lore bug.
*Hot fix updated for Reina Affinity crash.
*Hot fix updated frequency of True Anemone's crystals.


Various retry bugs.
Scene bug when Finding Reina playing as Wyatt.
Divine decoy consumed double the mana cost displayed when leveled up.
Fate Roulette buffs now properly scale with Finisher level.
Bug that prevented Warp Blade from activating properly.
Bug that displayed incorrect blocking sprite on some enemies
Bug that set [R] as skill cancel for Keyboards
Many of the issues on devices with integrated graphics.
Bug with assist not working if the mana heater in Ishk breaks down.
A crash that could occur when some enemies bumped into spike traps.
Arrows now properly activate Black Blessing and Holy Order.


Tunnel Vision Attack damage max increased to 30.
Tunnel Vision stats to +2 Agi / +2 Luck.
Highlander Hood headcount max reduced to 75.
Highlander Hood stats to +2 Str / +2 Int.
Fate Roulette will overwrite previously existing Fate Buffs.
Increased accuracy of [Lucky Storm] from fate Roulette finisher.
+1 Agi on Templar Bracer to +1 Mana Steal.
Fighter’s Bandages now also grants weapon effects to Punch/Kick.
Cleric Vestments special to [Spells gain 0.5 S.Ruin for every 1% of Max
Mp missing].
Removed level bonus from Goibniu mode scoring.
Bonus points added for individual time/combat/potion Boss ratings in
Goibniu mode.
Placement of Deadman’s Fury in the Ziggurat. Added new treasure to the
Life Blade doesn't drain Hp if [Focus Mode] is active.


Various optimization improvements
Sound to dialogue scroll.
New Boss the Feral Manawar.
New Boss True Anemone.
Mesmer now also offers “Forget Training” to re-assign stat points.
Option to enable Direct Input gamepads from main menu.
New enemy type Demon Widow.

Thanks and have a nice day :)
PaladinWay: Any word on the new update? Developer site says the update with the last two characters was released Monday.

Just wanted to check/verify, as they mention Steam, Desura, & Humble but not GOG. Possibly they forgot they sold through you too and need reminded?
SCPM: The devs said that GOG is processing the patch now:
Correct :)