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Has anyone figured out a fix for the music not loading/playing? I feel like it used to work when it first launched on gog. I see there are .ogg files of the soundtrack in the directory. Options menu in game shows no tracks under music.

I just cant play without the music, it's too's such a part of the game. If you've heard it you know what im talking about!

I just realized theres another post about this a couple below me, sorry for adding another one >.<
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I looked in those other posts and didn't find any answers though. Has anybody gotten a figure on how to get the music to play again? Gotta be something that can be done to get the game to recognize the music files.
After GOG and Ziggurat brought again Uprising to the store, did they fix the music?
I want to buy the game, but only after I know the music has been fixed.
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So, a "fix" for sound is to emulate an disc image of the original release. I found on the internet an image containing a CCD file (that happens to map the Audio CD part of the disc). It shows on windows media player and the game is capable of detecting and playing the music! I used Virtual CloneDrive to emulate the disc properly and it works a treat.

It's a shame we can't patch the game to look into the /MUSIC folder for the ogg files tho so such workaround is required. But finally after years, Uprising with the goddamn music!
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