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Hello everyone,

My game always Crashes to desktop, no matter if it is Insta Action, Single player, Multiplayer or whatever.. But only in Direct 3D mode. In software it runs. Does anyone have a idea what is causes it?

Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit
AMD R9 290
AMD FX-9350
Toshiba Q-Series Pro 256GB
16GB Ram
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Try to install this -
That Partial worked. It either freezes or/and just eats up all available CPU power.. Or still crashes like before. Quick side note.. it seem to work at 640x480 in windowed..

I Changed in the Task-Manager, since it ate so much CPU, to just one CPU thread. From current observations sugesting that it works now.
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I never quite understood why the Unreal/UT devs insist on using the Direct3D driver by default, when their OpenGL driver is clearly much better written. They even buried the option away in an INI, as if they're ashamed of it, for what reason I have no idea.

My advice is to forget about Direct3D and go with the OpenGL driver. See if it works better for you. You just have to edit your ut2004.ini file and make a couple of changes under the [Engine.Engine] section header.

You should find a line like this:

Comment that line out with a semicolon, so it instead looks like this:

Now remove the comment from this line:

So that it looks like this:

Good luck!
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