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Hey all,
I've been trying to get a dedicated server up on a (obviously) dedicated machine so me and my friends can play some Co-op. So far I've been able to get the dedicated server running and connectible, but there's a slight problem.
When you join the game (which is running the Vortex2 map), you can't look around with the mouse. Every time you do so it resets as if the server resets your view. Furthermore you can't jump either.
Ports 7777-7779 are open on both TCP and UDP, but that shouldn't be the issue as I get the same problem connecting over LAN.
Is anyone familiar with this problem? Any suggestions? The internet yields little results.
Edit: May I note I have the Anthology version here. I'm unsure if the GoG one is the same (with the same networking problems).
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You could try changing enchanced pointer precision in windows to see if that will get it working. The path for XP is Control Panel->Printers and Other HardWare->Mouse->Pointer Options, not sure of the path for vista or 7, but it will be in control panel somewhere.
If that doesn't work check the unreal gold folder for config or .ini files, see if any have MouseAccel=true or something along these lines and change that to false.
Thanks for your suggestions, however what you suggest applies for clients. This is purely a server-side problem (confirmed to not work for anyone not connecting my server).
Furthermore I've isolated the problem, it's only happening in the first level of the singleplay campaign (Vortex2.unr). This might be because of the opening cinematic.
The problem is not solved yet but it seems to be map related.