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Just got unreal gold for the first time, and got a mod/ mutator to increase the size of the hud. But it won't show up in the mutator selector. I'm new to modding unreal gold. The instruction say to put it in the directory. Do I need to put it somewhere particular, or do I need to go to console in order to activate it.
There is a better working way to get a bigger HUD now. Just install UnrealPatch227j and then under preferences you can find the HUD section.

There you'll find a HUD scaling option now. Attached are three screenshots showing the HUD scaling (the higher the first number the bigger the HUD).

Screenshot 1: HUD at 1.000000 (default) scaling
Screenshot 2: HUD at 2.000000 scaling
Screenshot 3: HUD at 3.000000 scaling
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Thanks for the help.
Just a heads up: the above link to 227j is broken... HERE is a good link. then navigate to [Patches]
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Or just go to the 227 build devs own "official" place and get it from there
Hi, You can't use the DX11 driver with patch 227J, and patch 226f or 227i have no mutator button, so how do you add mutators to these versions?

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