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There's something about Unreal Tournament 99 that you can't quite put your finger on. This is the game that started tournament shooters. It's not enough to say it was the best for it's time because it has lived on and there are clans and communities still fighting it out online today. Unreal never went away. They released some great sequels....2003, 2004 & UT3...But UT99 still stands up slongside them all.
Graphically speaking it's still great to look at and the engine and controls are perfect...the Quake series gave UT a run for its money, particularly quake 3 arena, but UT was still more fun for me and id software stopped making tournament shooters and simply added an arena style multiplayer to its titles like Quake 4.
Only UT and Epic software have continued putting out pure arena shooters and the Unreal series continues to give us all new tournaments and arenas....its online gaming in its purest form.....
My recommendation....get Unreal Tournament if you want to experience true high-speed deathmatches.....if you want to compete...heres where you start. Jump online and see what your made of.....This game is a must have for any shooter fans. The best of the best.