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This is an easy fix that does not require any third party/fan made patches or renderers:

1] Go to the Unreal Gold folder, find the System folder and open it. Open the file Unreal.ini.

2] Go to the section titled [D3DDrv.D3DRenderDevice]

3] Change UseTripleBuffering to False

4] Run the game and go to Options -> Preferences. Change the Video Driver to Direct3D.

This fix drops the frames per second to 25 - 30 on my computer which is fine. If the game runs faster than 30fps, certain elements of the game break:

1] In the Rrajigar Mine map, trying to cross the bridge with the fans trying to suck you in is extremely difficult (impossible for me) if it's running at a very high fps. When the game is running below 100fps, the difficulty is manageable.

2] If the game is running at or below 30fps, the Nali that open secret doors for you walk around for a bit then teleport out after helping you. If the game is running faster than 30fps, the Nali never teleport out. They just continue to walk around. This one is not a game breaker, but it does add to the mysteriousness of the Nali.

3] In game versions prior to 226, if the game is running faster than 30fps, you cannot swim against the water current in levels like Nyleve's Falls.

The Unreal 1 Engine was made before computers had GPU's fast enough to run it at more than 30fps. I also run the game at a resolution of 1024x768 since the game was made before 16:9 monitors were a thing.

My computer is a laptop with an Intel i5-4210U CPU and Intel HD 4400 graphics. If triple buffering is on while using Direct3D, the game runs at 200+ fps. If I use software rendering, the game runs at 100+ fps. If I use nGlide, the game runs at 60fps.

One last thing:

If the sky in the Dark Arena map is not a nighttime sky, change UseMultitexture to False.
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