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Hi all,

We have added to your game shelves a new Windows version of Unepic that will update your game to version 1.50.05. We have also added the Mac and Linux versions of the game as well.



This update adds multiplayer using a new p2p engine and the level editor.


- fixed: DIE HARD challenge was not actived if Corvax was killed by poison/acid
- fixed: Bonus speed for weapons have been fixed (the calculation was wrong).
- fixed: "Lifesteal" weapons only absorbs HP of monsters when killed with the weapon, not magic.
- fixed: mines and web traps created by player no longer counts as an enemy for appearing ladders/doors/platforms
- fixed: Battle Cry and Move Out were not applied to allies.
- fixed: "Robes skill" could not be increased when "Armor Skill" was set to the maximum.
- changed: Increased attack resist from 1 to 2 in concentration robes level 11.
- changed: Increased divine favours from 1 to 2 in White robes level 11.
- changed: extra damage given by rings x2.

Thanks and have a nice day :)
The Mac and Linux versions have been updated with a fix for a missing image that was causing a crash in certain areas. Please re-download the installation files for your platform of choice in order to mitigate this crash :)