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Standalone installer updated: [Windows] ⇒


• [Expedition] Precognition will now only be removed when you run out of psi, instead of when you get to the point where your psi points cannot afford another tick

• Fixed the fishing rod crash
• Fixed the bug that would cause players to get themselves stuck in place with their own fishing rod placement
• Fixed the throwing knives tooltip regarding resistance interaction got a standalone installer and not a patch, so we had to redownload the whole thing. gets a standalone installer and a patch that works from to but not a patch from to so my question is... do we have to redownload the whole thing again or will the to patch also work on the version?
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Standalone installer updated: [Windows] ⇒


• Cryogenic Induction: Barrier Health specialization is now properly tied to taking that feat instead of another
• You can use Point Shot with Syg MPX now
• Fixed Phase Gun not being in the electronic repair category and energy weapons trading category
• Fixed Formedicator's store refresh duration.
• Minor dialog and map fixes


• Fixed a crash cause by particular random fragment calculation
• Fixed not losing money when buying lucky charms from Coral
• Fixed barrels in random encounter not warming up npcs
• Fixed several bugs within the Icy Utility Tower
• Minor dialog and map fixes


• Cryogenic Barrier will now properly work with Thermodynamicity
• Adjusted Plasma Beam damage scaling so it doesn't get too wild at very high skill levels and changed psi cost to 70 (up from 60)

• Fixed a crash in Upper Underrail metro tunnels right after a certain echoing sound is heard
• [Expedition] Fixed the Stabilization Wings enhancement description


• A completely new way to gain access to the Institute of Tchort
• Reward items for joining Preservation or Investigation in the Institute of Tchort
• New dungeons and random fragments
• Added another way to reach the caves beneath the Mushroom Forest; also dropped some goodies inside the forest
• Certain NPCs can now consume food and drink items outside combat

• Tchortist Rassophore Armor resistance bonus vs bullets/shells changed to 100% (up from 75%).
• Tchortist Rassophore Armor will now also reduce chance for wearer to be crit by psi by 3%.
• Tchortist Rassophore Armor is no longer marked as unique (purple)
• You can now add spikes or serrated blades to sledgehammer instead of electroshock module
• Added a set of new luxury items to the world; some of these are unique
• Blast Suit: agility penalty reduced from -6 to -3, dexterity penalty is completely removed, but there is now a perception penalty of -2 instead. Also, the armor's weight is reduced from 40 to 25
• Phase Gun: reduced AP from 40 to 35 and increased energy shield dissipation from 100 to 300; it's also been moved from DC to the Lost Vault
• Mind Cracker: lowered AP cost from 25 to 22, increased psi burn from 25 to 50 points, chance to apply psi inhibition from 25% to 30%, and replaced the resolve penalty with massive penalties to psi skills, regeneration and max points; also moved it to a mysterious new area
• Quake: lowered AP cost from 25 to 23
• Jawbone: Reduced minimal strength from 6 to 5 and increased damage from 25/60 to 30/70; meeting the 7 strength requirement reduces AP cost per shot by 3 (from 25 to 22) and boosts initimidation by 15
• [Expedition] Industrial Powered Exoskeleton: activating it now gives 3 extra strength instead of 2, 40 MP instead of 25 (to offset the high armor penalty), and the agility penalty is removed. The drill attack AP is also reduced from 40 to 35
• [Expedition] Makeshift Chrono-repeater: Skill malus no longer affects Temporal Manipulation itself
• [Expedition] Changed the duration of Hypercerebrix to 8 turns (up from 5)
• [Expedition] Added spear component that increases thrown damage and range

• You can no longer see the silhouette of unobtained oddities in their window
• You can no longer craft in turn-based mode
• When invoking an ability that targets a tile, it will now always ignore characters and such; it used to work like that, but I broke it at some point

• Siphoner attacks now bypasses 30% of mechanical threshold instead of being threated as a "knife" attack
• Siphoner initial siphining hook attack deals 50% more damage, but siphonig is not performed if the target resists all mechanical damage (instead of it only being canceled if the attack misses)
• Killing the Mushroom Forest boss will now also kill the spore turrets above it
• Halved the number of spore stacks necessary to dream...
• Echoing Soliloquy now gets a buff from persuasion (applied at the moment you obtain the feat and remains constant afterwards)
• Improved the layout of the Gubbins' gang area in Upper Underrail
• Added a new way to help the rejects (if Nevil survived), and did some general improvements and tweaks
• Overhauled elevator access areas and increased the loot quantity and quality inside the residential office building. In addition, increased the hacking requirement to get inside the building.
• Added new loot to the lower passages early game fragment dungeon.
• Toned down item quality sold by Booth.
• [Expedition] Added another shortcut to Nexus of Technology for those who have visited Crimson Meadow beforehand
• [Expedition] Added a unique luxury item to Matriuss Ludenloff.

• Throwing knives will no longer play sound effects when hitting pseudo-spatial projections
• Fixed the bug that would cause the game to no longer receive keyboard inputs after clicking on some areas of Oddities window
• Commando specialization will now always properly award extra AP and is no longer limited by the normal maximum for the turn
• Fixed certain factions resetting from hostile to neutral after the player comes in contact with a very, very bad gas and then reloads the game
• Fixed Gorsky receiving an endless supply of assault rifles
• Fixed certain npcs briefly turning invisible when playing custom idle animations
• [Expedition] Fixed a rare crash when going to the island where the game can be finished in a special way
• Various minor dialog and zone fixes
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Removed Mindcracker's Will debuff
Reduced value of a few unique luxury items


Fixed being able to manually enter combat right when the Arena matches start
Fixed Minister Percival receiving an endless supply of a certain luxury item
Fixed not being able to obtain putrefied tissue from certain named rathounds
Fixed Dude's home barrel giving off heat before being lit on fire
Fixed the bug that caused Psionic Mania from guaranteeing a critical hit
Cold winds within the Utility Tower (outskirts) will no longer do damage in real-time while in turn based mode; this will only affect areas that haven't been entered yet in your current playthrough
Formedicator's unqiue medications will no longer restock.
Minor dialog and map fixes
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- Hopefully fixed the multiplying ghosts
- TNT will now properly destealth targets
- You'll now be able to activate Bullet Time while on jet ski or immobilized, and it will no longer use Blitz specialization cooldown reduction
- Spikes and blades will now properly add to the sledgehammer value
- [Expedition] Fixed the value of Stabilization Wings
- Fixed Hypno Goggles and other variable rares starting durability
- Bullet strap belt will not longer help with acid vial reloading
- Fixed the glitch with the stun animation of some hunchback mutants
- Frigid Environment debuff will now be able to reduce from 100% resistance as well
- Fixed several nonfunctional ventilation shafts in a random early game dungeon
- Fixed numerous unintended faction relations with mutated player which were happening upon reloading the game
- Minor dialog and map fixes
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Standalone installer updated: [Windows] ⇒

[Part 1/2]
Hi guys,

Today we're releasing our last major free content update for Underrail. It's been just a bit over six years since the full release of the base game, and I think that's a nice and round number to rest at. After this we're going to transition to working at about 95% of our collective capacity on our next project known under codename Infusion. You can see what's this project about and follow its development here: We should start posting dev logs there more regularly soon.

However, this does not mean that we're completely done with this game. We intend to support it as long as we exist as a company and also periodically release small content updates which will mostly feature mechanical tweaks, as well new items and abilities. We have quite a robust system for creating interesting items at this point, which we intend to use to further extend Underrail's playstyle catalogue so to speak.

Also we have some bigger features planned for the future, such as better adapting the game's UI and controls to Steam Deck, creating tools for community translation projects, potentially porting the game to other platforms, and more.

Another distinct possibility is an additon of a small paid DLC for Underrail, as there are some substantial gameplay mechanics that we initially planned to add in the second DLC (following Expedition), but were left in a state of limbo after we decided to move onto Infusion instead.

Exactly when any of these things will come about, I do not know. They will mostly require me to spend my programming time on them, which I will not have much to spare as Infusion is going to occupy most of it in the coming years. So don't expect rapid progress in any of the things mentioned above.

Now, without further ado, here's the list of changes and additions that come with this update, minus the secret stuff, of course:

• Implemented, new slightly visually touched up, UI that is available in 3 sizes; classic UI still available
• The game will now automatically be zoomed on higher resolutions (which can then be changed through manual zooming if it's enabled)
• Introduced a brand new Core City questline as an alternative to joining an oligarch
• Improved nearly all unique and some rare weapons and armor - go check them out
• You can refurbish your old world firearms at one of the firearm enthusiasts
• Characters can now save up to 10 action points at the end of their turn and add those to their next turn
• Base ability values are no longer capped at 20, but instead the maximum bonus on top of the base value that you can accumulate is 10

• Implemented borderless windowed display mode
• Item's special abilities/attacks will now have icon in the item's tooltip next to the description
• Fixed character's speech bubble and health bar offsets when zoomed in
• Zooming step changed to 25% (down from 50%)
• Added an option to follow the player character (default hotkey: F3). This is kind of an experimental feature, so be sure to let me know if you discover any bugs

• Opportunist - description now specifies it only works against living targets
• Pummel - will now list the action point cost
• Fend - Base action point cost changed to 60% of normal attack ap cost (down from 100%)

• Fend: Action Point Cost - Ap cost reduction per point changed to 8% (down from 10%)

• Increased t-boss health on dominating difficulty, and his damage resistance on all difficulties
• Expanded upon Motion and Motioners; this drug is now both better and worse
• You can now bring Gorsky high-quality energy shields from other sources as an alternative to raiding Port Zenith
• Added an agility check that allows you to climb up and down between the Caerus Residential Block square and SW building second floor
• Added fireplaces to certain locations in Deep Caverns
• Added a hacking check to Cytosine Outpost storeroom
• Added more hydraulic fluid canisters to Deep Caverns
• Certain gate components can now be found at multiple locations in Deep Caverns
• You can now use electronics skill to optimize Arke power plant turbine output for more total power
• A certain important encounter with the Faceless will now feature some of them having their infusions active from the start (only on Dominating difficulty)
• Added an extra Thought Control check to the DC mindreading that allows the player to conceal his mischievous behavior
• You can now bring super steel refining data to Bernard in order to improve the quality of super steel plates; also raised the max quality from 160 to 180 for players who have Expedition installed
• Leonie will now offer the Infused Leather blueprint as soon as you show her you have super steel plates (currently you have to do the melting process with Bernard first)
• You can turn metal scraps into low-quality steel plates at Leonie's
• Added more ways to learn about a certain Foundry arms merchant
• Added more entries to the super secret organization database, and placed some of the existing ones behind higher access levels
• Added more options to save Maura
• You can now borrow (or "borrow") AK from Kokoschka
• Becket now also offers psi inhalants alongside psi boosters when giving you your equipment package
• Added Underrail Express tickets which can be pickpocketed from NPCs and used for a single ride
• New models and portraits for Jon the Beautiful, Sergio the Wizard, and some super secret folks
• New random events, some of them seasonal, and some related to the player's house
• Introduced Jookhela's drawing skills to the world
• Increased requirements for achieving Brutalizer/Brutalette gladiator nicknames, so they shouldn't be so predominant now
• The Black Crawler now drops an oddity item when killed
• New entries in the Institute of Tchort library, some of which contain blueprints and will require a special card
• New skill checks for Octavia, Vuk and Kiro that will unlock certain items for trading
• [Expedition] Naval mines will now be heard detonating in the distance when someone attacks the camp
• [Expedition] Added ways to break yourself free from a certain man's mechanical grasp
• [Expedition] Added certain dialog options to Doc Savage and Marcus that were only available through navcom
***Continued Below***
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[Part 2/2]
• Item effects (such as poisons and gun oil) will now display a small icon in the corner of the parent item
• You can now use poisons to coat suitable melee weapons if you have the required Biology skill level; the poisoned weapons will then apply that poison in a certain number of attacks; you can coat a weapon with only one poison at a time
• Added Sharpening Stone - Can sharpen a bladed melee weapon, increasing its damage by 10% for the next 30 strikes, but permanently reducing its max durability by 5%
• Added Firecracker Cap item enhancement that can be applied to sledgehammers and crowbars to cause an explosion on the next hit
• All-in now decreases intelligence by 3 instead of increasing it
• Commando Belt moved to static loot
• [Expedition] Frogfish biology requirement changed to 50 (up from 25)
• [Expedition] Add a new unique spear and sword that can be found before going to Black Sea

• W2C bullets now ignore 35%-45% of mechanical damage resistance depending on bullet caliber (down from fixed 65%), threshold interaction remains he same
• 5mm Shock Round - Damage changed to 8-15 (up from 5-10) and now has 3% chance to daze target for 1 turn
• 7.62mm Micro-shrapnel Round - The damage that penetrates the armor is increased by 25% against organic targets
• 8.6mm Incendiary Round - Now also deals 10-20 heat damage on impact
• 9mm Acid Round - Acid damage changed to 15-30 (up from 10-20)
• .44 Explosive Round - Heat and mechanical explosion damage changed to 23-45 (up from 15-30)

• Steel and tungsten plates requirement is now capped at 30 mechanics when crafting bullets
• W2C Bullets blueprint now requires hexogen instead of raw tnt and produces 20 bullets (down from 30)
• JHP Bullets blueprint now produces 20 bullets (down from 30)
• Changed enriched health hypo critical chance to 10% (up from 5%)
• Large intestine biology requirement changed to 45 (down from 50)
• Taurine biology requirement changed to 45 (down from 50)
• Anglerfish biology requirement changed to 90 (down from 100)
• Fusing Enzyme biology requirement changed to 90 (down from 100)

• Optimized faction data relations serialization which should improve save/load times of mid and late game savegames somewhat
• Fixed the pathfinding prioritization to prevent player from getting stuck in place when a lot of NPC pathfinding is taking place
• Being in turn-based mode will now count as being in combat for purpose of changing equipment

• Game will no longer accept mouse clicks in windowed mode when the game window is not focused
• Fixed the bug that would cause the carried weight to not immediately update when consuming/expending items in a stack
• Pseudo-spatial Projection will now properly affect Spear Throw
• Fixed the bug that allowed some items to make the player's mechanical resistance sometimes exceed the normal limit
• Fixed the bug that cause the item tooltip to not correctly indicate which effects are unavailable due to unmet requirements when the item is not currently equipped
• Fixed the bug that would cause Bone Breaker to trigger irrespectively of the amount of damage dealt
• Negative effects of equipped items will now still properly apply even if you do not meet the item requirements
• Fixed the bug that would cause assault rifle burst attack and pistol rapid fire to calculate each burst hit with the wrong bullet from the magazine (it was offset by 1)
• Fixed the bug that would cause the Needler's Piercing Shot to hit the pass-through targets twice
• NPCs will now properly use crossbow to fire special bolts instead of switching weapons when they are out of regular bolts
• You can no longer trigger Escape Bonds when you're completely encumbered
• Plasma Beam will now properly hit all targets in the target tile (the ones highlighted when targeting)
• Fixed the bug that caused psi beetles to try to neural overload force fields
• Fixed some esoteric explosion bugs
• You can no longer climb a certain ladder before releasing the very, very bad gas in an under-passages hideout (unless you kill the person supervising you)
• Captain Rastko will no longer charge double for a single ride
• Fixed the Green Galaxy furniture set not appearing when switching between it and other bought sets
• Fixed not being able to report Newton's death if he was killed in certain ways
• Attacking Jack Quicksilver will now properly register who attacked him and will not instead be attributed to the player for certain quest purposes
• Killing Vivian at a certain location will now fail the quest and prevent the player from doing certain things which might get them permanently stuck
• [Expedition] Spear guard triggered from spear attacks will now properly replace a more powerful existing spear guard effect if the latter is about to expire
• [Expedition] Spear throw will now destealth the thrower after the throw instead before
• [Expedition] Fixed Improved Naval Combat checking for effective instead of base Agility value in Razor's dialog
• [Expedition] Fixed a bug which in certain cases prevents players from sleeping in the camp bed more than once
• [Expedition] Fixed Aran not despawning when he should in certain cases
• [Expedition] Fixed Ferryman being stuck in the "I'm moving out." phase and not wanting to talk to the player
• [Expedition] Fixed Dude sometimes not having certain dialogue options when waiting for the player to find something important in his cave home
• [Expedition] Fixed Briggs getting stuck at the "Shouldn't you be looking for a microchip implant?" line in certain very specific instances
• [Expedition] Fixed Professor Oldfield not following you when he should
• [Expedition] Fixed receiving certain NavCom messages if you stole/looted it but never joined the expedition
• [Expedition] Fixed being able to sail across certain cliffs in the Mutie Refuge zone
• [Expedition] Fixed wrong closing sounds for one type of Lemurian boxes
• [Expedition] Fixed infinite Black Eel jet skiers bug

Let us know how you like the additions and changes.
Thank you for posting updates on the forums. It speaks well for your company.
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offline installers for version are available on gog

however, the official underrail changelog does not offer any details about this update

anyone knows something?

/edit: nevermind, found some infos on steam
- The game now has support for Steam Cloud; make sure to keep your save game folder (Documents\My Games\Underrail\Saves) reasonably sized so as not to have issues with synchronization

- Implemented on-screen keyboard (mainly for use with Steam Deck, but can be manually enabled in Interface options on other systems)
- You can now slow down or speed up the game by holding CTRL and using the mouse scroll
- You can now unbind action in options by choosing DELETE as the key when binding
- Added scroll bar to dialog window when it exceeds the game display height

- Fixed the bug that was causing the slowdown on Proton (Linux)
- The game's process should no longer hang after closing the game on Proton (Linux)
- Fixed the occasional cartoony movement bug
- Fixed not being able to report both Nicolas and Olivia at the same time in certain situations
- Minor dialog fixes
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Standalone installer updated: [Windows] ⇒

• Fixed the bug that prevented players from entering SPACE characters in map notes
• Fixed the bug that prevented mouse-scroll speed change when zooming is not enabled
• Fixed the bug that caused the game to crash when clicking on the save name field while making a save
• Fixed the bug that caused the game to crash when grenades are dropped into water without having Expedition DLC installed
• [Expedition] Fixed Jon sometimes telling you to meet a person who's no longer there
• [Expedition] Fixed some visual glitches after a certain event in Katya's cave
• Minor dialog fixes
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Standalone installer updated: [Windows] ⇒

• Fixed a certain ladder leading out of a diminutive cavern not always working for some people (for some stranded players the ladder might lead to the beginning of the Upper Caves, as the entrance location might not always be known)
• Fixed oligarch messengers appearing even if you've finished a certain hunting quest, as well as being able to start the quest again
• Certain someone's quest rewards (those that are for sale) will now properly refresh after a duration
• Minor dialog/zone fixes
Standalone installer updated: [Windows] ⇒

• Added Waist Pack and Large Wait Pack (belts)
• Added a new unique knife
• Added a new pair of unique boots
• Added new damage reducing drug
• [Expedition] Added Javelin, a non-unique early mid-game spear that's good for throwing
• [Expedition] Added a new unique sword

• Added support for 2880 x 1800 resolution
• [Expedition] Oddity requirement for veteran levels will now be rounded down to an even number, because oddity XP bar doesn't support odd numbers; this will result in ever so slightly faster leveling

• Blast cloth will now work against explosive ammo's explosion
• You can no longer set UI to large on 1152x864 resolution (it won't fit)
• Fixed a rare dialog text wrapping bug
• All grenade and mine case blueprints are not classified as "intermediate"
• Dehumanizer properly classified as serrated knife instead of dagger
• Fixed the bug with certain wicked device applying your current weapon on hit effects
• Fixed a certain collar not being collected from dead Arena enemies at the end of a match
• Fixed not being able to tell the Faceless near Foundry about a certain group of people if you took the Phreak route in Core City
• Fixed Coretech PNT1 (damaged) device not getting removed fron NPC's inventory upon getting repaired
• Fixed several mutated dogs found in random location from indefinitely respawning
• Fixed ♥♥♥*****'s re**** logic to prevent him from getting stuck upon res****
• [Expedition] Fixed mutants in some dude's home not taking proper cold damage when the gas is released
• [Expedition] Future Orientation and Psychokinetic Elasticity feats now require you to have Psi Empathy feat first
• [Expedition] Fixed Small Crab loot table
• [Expedition] Fear immunity no longer blocks cerebral acidization
• [Expedition] Fixed being able to get a reward for finding naval mines from both Aegis and Grim Jetters
• [Expedition] Fixed not being able to bring Todd to Port Ceto in some circumstances
• [Expedition] Fixed some missing options when talking to Six about the shard
• Minor dialog/zone fixes
Standalone installer updated: [Windows] ⇒

• [Expedition] Fixed a certain organic energy weapon on hit effects bug
• Fixed the bug that caused the new unique knife to sometimes unintentionally bypass resistances
• Telekinetic Grounding no longer works on targets that are immune to immobilization
surfer1260: Standalone installer updated: [Windows] ⇒


• [Expedition] Fixed a certain organic energy weapon on hit effects bug
• Fixed the bug that caused the new unique knife to sometimes unintentionally bypass resistances
• Telekinetic Grounding no longer works on targets that are immune to immobilization
No offline patch installer => ?