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Changelog for update / GOG-4 (Windows) (added 30 December 2015):

- Fixed the memory leak that occurred when taking a screenshot for a saved game
- Fixed the bug that caused Gorsky to end dialog abruptly when trying to talk to him about Core City manners in certain cases
- Junkyard mutants nerfed
- Slowed down respawning in Deep Caverns
- Fixed the bug that caused the DC gate mechanism to take your hydraulic-fluid canister without registering it

Patch (added 30 December 2015):

- Fixed the bug that caused the epilogue dialog to be empty if a certain item wasn't brought along and some other conditions were met
- Fixed crash involving caltrops, doorways, and possibly molotov's
- Fixed the bug that caused Faceless in DC to revert back to neutral attitude
- Fixed the bug that caused the console in Hecate Research Outpost to not activate under certain conditions
- Fixed the bug in Kupusije's dialog that caused the dialog to be cut short when you try to fake your identity as a female player
- Fixed the bug that caused one of the Drop Zone areas to display transition error when entering it after the showdown with Duff's gang
- Fixed the bug that caused certain automatic doors in Arke Power Plant to get stuck and prevent player from passing even while open
- Added an option to disable screen edge scrolling

Patch (added 30 December 2015):
- Throwing nets will no longer work on targets that are immune to immobilization
- Fixed the area transition error that occurred after the final fight in certain situations
- Fixed a few unreachable containers in Deep Caverns as well as one stuck enemy
- Minor map glitches
- Some more typos/spelling

Patch (added 30 December 2015):
- Game will no longer lock up when trying to rebind a control to an already bound key during enemy's turn
- Rebinding map scrolling keys will now work correctly
- You can now properly access second and third set of action buttons by using both left and right shift/ctrl keys
- Game will no longer warn you for unbinding multiple keys
- Action buttons will no longer display "None" for unbound keys
- Fixed the bug that caused characters to not be able to engage in melee in certain conditions (usually inside doorways and other cramped spaces)
- Corrected Cryokinetic Orb description
- Reduced mechanics skill requirement for repairing crashed tunneler in Core City
- Fixed Six hostility in Deep Caverns bug
- Fixed Geezer Ford fishing list issue
- Fixed not being to talk again to Mysterious Lady after telling her you will think about joining Free Drones
- Fixed tutorial monitors displaying a black image
- Updated Geezer Ford's quest note to contain the missing minihead and renamed red shrimp to just shrimp
- Changed so that Fixer's chemical workbench now also buffs biology alongside chemistry and changed dialogue and quest note to reflect that. (The biology buff was previously provided by medical equipment the player could purchase directly from Jyles, but that will no longer be the case)
- Fixed a faulty jackhammer in the Shopping Mall. Already picked up jackhammers will not be updated
- Minor map glitches
- Typos/spelling

Changelog for update / GOG-? (Windows) (added 23 December 2015):

- Locked doors/containers will now be more clear on which skill they require
- Fixed the bug that caused the game to crash when destructible rocks were being destroyed en masse
- You will no longer be able to export character during tutorial
- Fixed being unable to advance the main quest if the player persuaded Gorsky that there is no way to open the GMS vault
- Fixed not being able to return to Silent Isle under certain circumstances
- Fixed not having the option to tell Big Bret what happened to Newton if he was killed by psi beetles
- Edgar's key now properly unlocks the safe in his room
- The game is now automatically saved after the final Arena match cutscene
- Fixed secret passage near GMS raider base
- Fixed Gerhard Page's locker
- Various minor types and map fixes

Patch (added 23 December 2015):

- Concussive shots feat will no longer crash the game when you miss an attack with a crossbow
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Changelog for patch (added 04 January 2016):

- Fixed the mutagen scanner in DC
- Fixed the Faceless Mindreader dialog bug in Rail Crossing that occurred when you had a specific amount of Thought Control skill
- Fixed the Foundry's ending slides regarding disappearances
- Fixed Sarine's hostility bug during kidnapping
- Fixed the bug that prevented Jyles from selling you lab equipment
- Carrier vest components will now count as "armor parts" for the purpose of selling
- Roman will no longer die of a heart attack at the start of Junkyard battle
- Minor map fixes
Any word on whether or not GOG version will get achievements?

Incredible game.
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Changelog for patch / GOG-6 (Windows) (added 20 January 2016):

- Creeping Dread and Eye of Spoiler debuff will now expire more quickly when you get out of the affected areas; this will also make a certain special feat more useful
- Tweaked health and resistances of various DC creatures
- Burrowers in front of Arke Power Plant will no longer respawn
- Roman will no longer chicken out and disappear at the start of Junkyard battle
- When you drop items, the loot bag will now be named "Stuff" instead of "Remains"
- Added more explosives to certain merchants
- Added bottles and dirty rags to some junkyard merchants
- Made bottles more common when scavenging trash
- Added more bolt triggers to some merchants
- Increased the amount of military components at certain merchants (especially in the early game)
- Buffed Balor's Hammer
- Buffed the damage of mk2 and mk3 EMP grenades and mines
- Plasma discharger and laser emitter component skill requirements mod changed to 1 (down from 1.25)
- Persuading the mindreader in Rail Crossing to let Buzzer live will no longer negatively affect the player's score when talking to the Faceless in DC
- Using the mutagen scanner now pauses the game
- Certain named tchortling in Deep Caverns will no longer infinitely respawn
- Fixed Mysterious Lady not appearing at the Core City metro station
- Fixed Ola's dialogue tree bug
- Fixed the medical locker in one of DC outposts
- Lost Vault Trader's key now properly unlocks the footlocker in the shack behind him
- Various minor map bugs
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Changelog for update / GOG-7 (Windows) (added 20 January 2016):

- You'll only be able to pickpocket humans/humanoids now
- Keypads will now state that you need a keycard if that is the case in addition to beeping
- Creeping Dread and Eye of Spoiler debuff duration increased slightly to avoid having it drop unexpectedly under certain conditions
- Fixed that bug that cause a duplicate tentacle
- Increased the chance to reel the fish in, especially for the dexterity-challenged
- Max currency stack increased to 100000000
- Max stacks for ammo, meds, and batteries increased
- Game will now properly estimate your movement in turn-based combat when attempting to throw grenades through fences and the like
- Game will now properly display the amount of action points an auto-attack will cost if invoked through action bar or quick invoker
- Recycling fabric-based items will now always grant at least one dirty rag
- Notes window will now auto-expand the first category if it's the only one
- Fixed the bug that caused the game to stop handling key input for a while when choosing "Automatically overwrite" when saving a game
- Thermodynamic Destabilization will now have its AP cost properly reduced by thermodynamicity
- Fixed Sully's introduction repeating every time you talk to him
- Reduced electronics skill requirement for fixing Gloria
- Fixed Eidein's dialog bug where the player could choose both career paths one after the other
- Fixed a dialogue-breaking option when speaking to Vivian during one of the quests
- Fixed Fredd's workbench mercantile check
- Fixed infinite money exploit when talking to Staff Sergeant Fraser
- Fixed not being able to speak to Efreitor Hanna after certain events occur
- Fixed initiating combat with the Faceless commander not working in certain instances
- Fixed an unintended way to kill the Beast
- Added fixed special bullets blueprints to several game world locations and merchant stores
- Fixed not being able to trade with Phyllis
- Corrected an inaccuracy in Dr. Mali's explanation of how a certain thing works
- Various minor map fixes
Thanks for your work on these patches PaterAlf ! :)

Getting patch 8 and 9 was a huge help, looking forward to seeing patch 10 soon (released 1/22 ).
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Changelog for patch / GOG-8 (Windows) (added 25 January 2016):

- Fixed the bug that would cause total carried weight to not be updated immediately when stacking items in the utility slots
- Fixed the bug that would cause grenades to sometimes be thrown through walls when they miss their initial marks
- Enemies that die from the burning effect from incdendiery bombs will no longer count towards "Fire and Ice" achievement
- Fix the bug that caused the player to sometimes not be able to attack back in melee when rooted (while still getting attacked in melee)
- Fire and other environmental effects will now properly despawn between arena matches (instead of becoming invisible)
- Chemical agent is now completely immune to acid and acid puddles
- Fire from any source will now properly trigger volatile objects (mines and the like)
- Jawbone crossbow no longer claims it can be unloaded somehow
- Boot spring made more common
- Boot spring now provides more extra movement points*
- Tabi boots extra base real-time movement speed bonus reduced but it now scales with material quality*
- Auto function on the bartering window will now prioritize SGS credits for merchants that accept them
- Increased the duration of foods to 20 minutes
- Fire and acid will now run out eventually even if you're not in the area
- Auto-attack command in quick invoker / action bar will now be properly disabled in turn-based mode if you don't have enough action points
- Fixed the bug that would in certain cases allow game to resume while the option screen is still open after rebinding a key
- Fixed the Deep Worm loot generation issue that caused all the worms to give out the same loot
- Fixed the bug that would cause certain respawning entities to always drop the same loot
- Giant grubs are now resistant to acid
- Fixed wrong music playing in the Mushroom Forest
- Fixed being able to repeatedly report to Jack Quicksilver that you've finished his missions
- Fixed Waylon's monitors not shutting down when associated cameras are destroyed
- Fixed being unable to pickpocket Kareem
- Fixed the Faceless at the blockade not behaving as they should after certain events
- Fixed an unreachable light switch in the player's house
- Fixed a minor console in DC not being usable
- Fixed an unusable hidden crawlspace in DC
- Fixed Rassophore Nevil not talking to the player after the event at RAF
- Typos/Grammar
- Various minor map fixes
- Only applies to items generated/crafted after the update is applied. Will not modify existing items.
I love how quickly they are banging these out. Medal to Styg for "RPG developer that has fixed bugs/patched their game fastest ever" ???
Yeah looks like GOG is off holiday.
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Changelog for patch / GOG-9 (Windows) (added 19 February 2016):

- Fonts - We've replaced one of the game's fonts to improve readability and also added more size options.
- Outlines - We've added character outlines which should improve visibility and make targeting somewhat easier when things are happening behind walls and other obstacles. Inventory filters - We've replaced inventory filter combo box with icons and also regrouped item categories in a way we believe will be most practical.
- Combat stats tool tips - We've added descriptions for all the different stats in the combat stats window when you mouse over them.
- Combat speed settings - Combat movement and action speed can now be adjusted in the game's options.
- New save system - This is strictly under the hood thing and nothing is changed regarding how and when you can save or load the game (old saves are compatible with the new version). For those advanced users - we archived the separate zone files to improve save/load performance and also got rid of the temporary current game structure on the disk and moved it to memory.

Other minor stuff:
- Critical crossbow hits now also affect elemental damage (acid, shock and incendiary) from special bolts
- When attacking in melee from stealth, target's dodge rating will be ignored if it hasn't detected you yet
- Added more crafting components and ammo to Deep Caverns
- Added a few more hints to certain Deep Caverns dialogues
- Quinton's mushroom growing room is now accessible
- Added a number of Lower and Upper Metro areas to better connect certain places

Bug fixes:
- Critical damage modifier from items will now be properly applied to fist weapons (e.g. infused ancient rathound boots)
- You will no longer be able to snipe down certain obstacles that were not meant to be sniped down
- Jawbone will now correctly be considered a crossbow for the purpose of trading
- Nicolas will no longer return from the dead to haunt you
- Cut throat attack will no longer fail if you get detected during the attack itself (the eye wasn't read when you started performing the attack but the attack itself pushed it into red state)
- When incendiary bombs cause a character to burn they will now properly suffer 150% of the original damage as the description says
- You can no longer attempt to burst or rapid fire with an empty weapon
- Fixed Jerre Franz not healing the player in certain instances
- Fixed Fort Apogee zone security settings
- Fixed a certain important woman not properly reacting to a player's response regarding her husband's fate
- Fixed certain responses not appearing when speaking to the Faceless centaur near Foundry
- Fixed being able to start the Find Blaine quest even after certain events took place Silas' questline will now properly continue questline after the player pays him instead of doing his initial quests
- Fixed a missing dialog option during Mediant Samuel's second mission
- Fixed the unintended failing of the Kill Rathound King quest after a certain event has taken place
- Crawlers and rathounds are now neutral to each other
- No more free repairs from Mykola
- Nicolas' and Olivia's quests will properly fail upon death
- Fixed Maura's faction id not setting correctly after you've helped her
- Accusing a certain person of committing a murder and then initiating combat through dialogue will no longer cause the whole station to become hostile
- Fixed the interview cut scene playing even when the player is hostile to the Tchortists; that quest will also properly fail now
- Fixed dialogue options not appearing when asking Oskar and Lt. Stratford about a certain man
- Fixed Arke consoles being hackable even after the player turns off the security system
- Doppelgangers are now immune to Expose Weakness
- All elevators should now properly notify the player when they are unpowered when used
- Shield emitter weight will now be properly calculated when adding optional components
- Various typos and map fixes
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Changelog for patch / GOG-10 (Windows) (12 April 2016):

- Noise emission from weapons should work properly now (previously it only worked for non-weapon sources such as grenades, psi abilities, etc)
- Some AI improvements on normal and hard difficulties
- Insulated and galvanic foam padding no longer add to stealth
- Fixed the bug that caused some of the on-hit effect to proc off even when attacks were resisted in full
- Handled the bug that caused certain special attacks and on-hit effects to remove fire effects from the target
- Games that are saved after this patch will also display the difficulty settings
- Pneumatic hammer and pneumatic reloader are now considered pneumatic components for the purpose of trading
- Supersoldier drug will no properly trigger the cooldown
- Healing effectiveness bonuses will no longer apply twice when using health hypos; also added healing effectiveness stat to the combat stats window
- Special attack damage bonus added to the combat stats window
- Compacted the feat list somewhat and added an option to filter it by entering text that is then matched against the feat's name, description and requirements
- Gunslinger feat now reduces firearm pistol usage ap cost by 3 (up from 2) and also increases initiative by 7
- Paranoia now also increases initiative by 5
- Taste for Blood no longer reduces AP cost
- Combo now has 20% chance to stun (down from 100%)
- Fatal Throw now only restores action points once per turn
- Lightning punches now requires armor penalty to be below 20% (up from 25%)
- Light weapon AP cost reduction changed to 3% (down from 4%) for each dexterity point above 5
- High Explosive grenades and mines now ignore 40% of damage resistance and threshold
- Riot gear shield base block chance changed to 35% (up from 30%) and block amount increased (base multiplier changed from 1.5 to 2.25) (not retroactive)
- Extra unarmed damage from boots will now also work with fist weapons
- Fixed the bug that caused temporary lock up in certain areas with certain elevators
- Fixed the bug that caused outlines to be visible beyond the camera view
- Added VSync toggle option to video settings
- Fixed Minister Percival sometimes not appearing at the Institute
- You can now place small animals inside the organic processor in DC
- The wardrobes in Mediant Samuel's and Principal Investigator Georgis' offices can now be accessed properly
- Fixed the Black Eels becoming hostile to the player after the SRO assault mission (happened if the player asked for Protectorate help during the Eels' final quest)
- Fixed unresponsive ladder in one of Upper Underrail's hidden passages
- Expanded the Renegade quest for the Underrail Protectorate
- Added one more way to sneak in the cybernetic spawn into the Protectorate embassy
- Added another way to kidnap a certain woman
- Did a few Rail Crossing invasion quest tweaks and added additional dialog options
- Added another way to learn about a certain man and his gang
- Fixed a certain someone not waiting for you at the beginning of DC in some cases
- Removed some of the unnecessary backtracking during the missing train quest; also added a few more options for handling the quest
- A Protectorate guard will occasionally remind the player to holster his weapons if using the SRO elevator to reach the embassy
- Some tweaks to the quest for the Faceless near Foundry
- Nerfed the Coretech warehouse mercenaries in the defense mission
- Fixed old hostage in GMS sometimes blocking the vent in the room with the ladder
- Numerous minor tweaks and fixes (maps, dialogs etc.)
BAM, and just two days ago I was wondering when the next patch might be coming/if there even was one impending soon.

I have held off on playing for a while waiting for the planned content+area additions/updates, but this is excellent to see having been worked on even more so.

drealmer7: BAM, and just two days ago I was wondering when the next patch might be coming/if there even was one impending soon.

I have held off on playing for a while waiting for the planned content+area additions/updates, but this is excellent to see having been worked on even more so.

I JUST downloaded a long un-downloaded update for this game yesterday, and come to find this little present underneath my tree!

I fuckin' love this trend of the indie scene (Especially the Eastern Europeans in particular!) beating the ever-living shit out of the triple-A nickel and dime-ing prick-fucks that have shat on this industry's reputation!
drealmer7: BAM, and just two days ago I was wondering when the next patch might be coming/if there even was one impending soon.

I have held off on playing for a while waiting for the planned content+area additions/updates, but this is excellent to see having been worked on even more so.

There's a newer patch available via Galaxy now and we'll be updating the offline installers tomorrow morning Poland time :) Sorry for the delay on the offline installers but we got the patch late in the day for us. Also, I can push the Galaxy update from home unlike the installers.
drealmer7: BAM, and just two days ago I was wondering when the next patch might be coming/if there even was one impending soon.

I have held off on playing for a while waiting for the planned content+area additions/updates, but this is excellent to see having been worked on even more so.

JudasIscariot: There's a newer patch available via Galaxy now and we'll be updating the offline installers tomorrow morning Poland time :) Sorry for the delay on the offline installers but we got the patch late in the day for us. Also, I can push the Galaxy update from home unlike the installers.
Very cool! I'm patient, no rush! Exciting!!!