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surfer1260: Standalone installer updated: [Windows] ⇒


• [Expedition] Fixed a certain organic energy weapon on hit effects bug
• Fixed the bug that caused the new unique knife to sometimes unintentionally bypass resistances
• Telekinetic Grounding no longer works on targets that are immune to immobilization
Can you upload the patch to
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Standalone installer updated: [Windows] ⇒


• You can now apply anticoagulant onto melee weapons that support poisons to get the same effect that's applied by siphoners
• [Expedition] Rust Maker spear is now level 18 instead of 15, and its acid damage has been increased from 5-10 to 14-25
• [Expedition] Rust Maker knife is now also level 18, its acid damage increased from 4-6 to 5-7

• Enhancement items will now show under "Tools" in the inventory

• Tweaked Phreak's dialog trade rewards (quantities earned should now be less confusing)

• NPCs will now use antidote against most poisons
• Moving away from the door when using a Spying Endoscope will now properly close the spying view
• You will now be able to see all the skill synergies in the skill description panel instead of just the first one
• Dirty Kick (and probably some other similar attacks) will no longer deteriorate durability of your regular weapon
• Fixed the visual glitch with laser sight overlapping hammerer pistol frame
• Fixed several doors in Phreak's facilities
• Fixed Tanner not always giving the player the reward for helping Rail Crossing, depending on the dialog branch taken
• Fixed Lenox sometimes not being willing to fight when the moment is right
• Fixed Lt. Stratford incorrectly telling the player that they're being rewarded with an assault rifle when they're actually getting a submachine gun
• Fixed not getting the option to tell the Rejects to leave if the player manually hacked every single cell door
• Fixed Jumping Stilts appearing as an unknown headwear item
• Fixed Myles incorrectly stating that he requires a 115q (instead of 120q) Impala frame to refurbish Tommy Gun
• Fixed riot gear sometimes being generated with shields on npcs who wield weapons incompatible with it
• [Expedition] Fixed the jet ski towing to not constantly detach due to lagging of the towed vessel
• [Expedition] The Blinding Poison will now properly state its damage (7) when coating a weapon
• [Expedition] Fixed the Boarding Up feat to only be triggered when the attack lands instead of any time the attack is launched
• [Expedition] Fixed Jon sometimes telling you that a person wants to see you even when that person is no longer present
• [Expedition] Fixed player not always receiving proper bonus money when doing missions for the Grim Jetters
• [Expedition] Doctor Savage will now properly smoke the cigar player gave him
• [Expedition] Fixed Donnie constantly reminding the player about new merchandise after passing his mercantile check
• Minor dialog/zone fixes
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It's really nice to see change logs posted like they should be!
Tnx for changelog.
I wonder if they ever add standalone patch to