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high rated

- Fixed the bug that caused the the Core City area where the Coretech entrance is to slow down over time and later cause a transition error when attempting to enter it
- Fixed the bug that caused the transition error when attempting to enter one of the new early game dungeons through certain transitions
- Fixed Praetorian Guardian model and gear not updating
- Fixed the energy and chemical pistol animation bugs on new models added in
- [Expedition] Fixed a bug with camp supply depletion introduced in


- Fixed the bug that caused a certain special random event to occur way early in the game
high rated

- [Expedition] Added an alternative way to reach the Nexus through a certain fetid place
- [Expedition] A certain end-game faction will now also provide free shotgun shell packages if Expedition is installed

- Fixed the bug that caused some female JKK officers to become invisible
- Fixed the bug with the vanishing powder grenade not working correctly
- [Expedition] Fixed a crash when entering the expedition docks zone
- minor dialog and map fixes
high rated
Patch (15 November 2019)

- Fixed Jawbone crossbow tooltip
- Fixed the vanishing powder grenade not granting you movement points from action points... it will work fully as intended one day, I promise
- Fixed the passage to a certain early-game dungeon not appearing in some cases
- Fixed being unable to finish a JKK quest by killing a certain wanted man before talking to him first
high rated
Patch (17 Defember 2019)

- Added an option to manually move the barrier at the GMS entrance in case the guard dies

- Reinforced bison leather boots will now have an icon
- Stealing mushrooms from SGS will now be properly punished by death (the change will not affect the running play-throughs)
- Dirty Kick will now properly add its critical damage bonus when critical hit occurs; the critical damage bonus is fixed to 100%
- Fixed the bug that caused zone transition error when exiting a zone while a mine is exploding
- Fixed a few more new Core City models not appearing
- Fixed yet another reason why a certain early-game dungeon wasn't appearing
- [Expedition] Fixed the bug that would mess up the player vision when triggering a zone transition while using a spying endoscope
- [Expedition] Fixed Protectorate jet patrols and waterway outposts not turning hostile in certain instances
- [Expedition] Fixed Cruzer and Razor not being present when reporting a certain mission and/or the mission not being marked as completed
- [Expedition] Fixed Razor being present when he shouldn't be during a certain raid
- [Expedition] Fixed Aegis jet patrols retreating to the camp prematurely in a very specific case, which disrupts a certain mission
- [Expedition] Burning up the giant weaver web will now work properly (not just visually)
- Minor dialog and map fixes
high rated
Patch (29 January 2020)

- Added Ultra HD resolution (3840x2160) as an option

- Fixed the bug that caused some of the random dungeons to never trigger due to a bug with difficulty restriction
- Item selling value modifier on easy difficulty changed to 100% (down from 150%)
- Combat Stats window will now properly display tooltip text for movement points (MP)
- Fixed the bug that caused Jookhela's cutscene to glitch when using gas grenades before the fight
- Doppelganger attacks will now properly ignore electrical damage resistance even if it's 100%
- Fixed the bug that caused the game to crash when attempting to fish from the ferry's north side while in northeastern waters; keep in mind that the bug will persist until you re-enter the area
- Fixed members of a certain faction getting killed by someone other than the player counting towards the kill count attributed to the player in an end-game encounter
- Fixed a number of end game slide bugs
- Fixed Bogdan stepping into his own traps
- Fixed grey army spec ops sledgehammer sprite
- [Expedition] Fixed a zone trasition error occuring when pirates spawn at a certain flooded place
- [Expedition] Fixed pirate allies turning hostile to the player in a very specific case during an important event at the Arch Island Keep
- [Expedition] Traveling in a certain vessel will no longer repeat text and sound events when returning from [REDACTED]
- Minor dialog and map fixes
high rated
Standalone installer, and that of its DLC, updated ( ⇒ 30 January 2020.
high rated

● Changed the psi empathy health reduction to 20% (down from 25%)
● Changed the maximum number of psi slots to 8 (up from 6)
● Changed the psi slot requirement to 2 int per slot (down from 3), and you get 2 slots for free (no requirements) (up from 1)
● Changed the multischooling psi cost penalty to 10% (down from 15%)
● [Expedition] Psycho-temporal contraction base psi cost changed to 50 (down from 75)

● Shooting Spree - Will now grant an ability that, when activated, will cause your sniper kills to refund 100% their action point cost. This can happen twice and will expire after the turn ends. All your sniper rifle kills will now also reduced the cooldown of Shooting Spree in addition to Aimed Shot. Cooldown: 8 turns.

● Added Shooting Spree specialization that reduces cooldown of Shooting Spree by 1 turn per point. Max 2 points.

● New death screen actually enabled now
● Fixed some of the new cave doors not being properly patched (old doors will remain instead and sometimes block the player from moving through)
● Fixed an unknown item sometimes appearing among generated items
● [Expedition]Fixed new quest cutscene on The Rig
● Minor dialog and map fixes


● Improved the start up time for the game
● Initimidation now scales off either Strength or Will (whichever is higher)
● [Expedition] Halved the cost of most jet ski frames, engines, batteries and suspensions
● [Expedition] Increased the damage of all jet ski weapon attacks

● You now have to "innervate" psi abilities that you plan to use and you're limited in the number of innervated psi slots (1 + 1 per 3 intelligence, up to maximum of 6). Existing psi characters can use Will stat instead for the number of slots with some downsides, or they can opt to switch to Int by consuming a pill that's been subtly slipped into their pockets.
Innervating psi abilities from multiple psi schools will now incur global 15% psi cost penalty per additional school
● Introduced psi reserves, which is the long term psi resource that does not regenerate naturally, but through the usage of psi inhalant which can not be done in combat. Psi reserves are depleted when you regenerate psi naturally or through psi boosters. Maximum amount of psi reserves is equal to 5 times the maximum psi points.
● Psi inhalant is craftable with some skill in biology and chemistry.
● All existing player characters will get generous amount of psi inhalants first time you load the game in new version
● Upon loading the game for the first time in the new version, a random set of psi abilities will be pre-innervated for you. If you don't like the random selection, just reload the same save.

Psi Abilities
● Force Field psi cost changed to 40 (up from 25)
● Force Field is now destructable and has its health points scale with invoker's skill. Each segment of the force field has separate health, but destroying one will destroy all of them.
● Thermodynamic Destabilization base damage percentage changed to 30% (down from 50%) and it now scales by 0.5% (down from 1%) per skill point and is capped at 100%.
● Thermodynamic Destabilization action point cost changed to 10 (down from 20)
● Enrage maximum duration changed to 2 (down from 4)
● Increased the amount of damage of Neural Overload and Psi-cognitive Interruption blocked by resolve
● Added psi mentors for all psionic abilities in the game (except one) to the random loot table
● [Expedition] Psycho-temporal dilation and Limited temporal increment learning requirements swapped to their correct positions
● [Expedition] Psycho-temporal contraction now has a high chance of causing its opposite (with randomized power) when it expires

● Biohazard suit now provides full protection from a certain very, very bad gas
● Spearhead sniper rifles will now have base action points of 32 (up from 30)
● Rapid Reloader firearm enhancement will now also have a 25% chance of restoring a random amount of action points ranging from 50% to 100% of the base action point cost of the weapon (but capped at 20ap); this can only trigger once per turn
● Dragunov now costs 30 ap to fire (up from 25) and has 60% chance to restore 10-20 ap once per turn; also has slightly increased damage
● Added shiv blueprint
● [Expedition] Psionic Accelerator now increases psi regeneration by 50% (up from 20%)
● [Expedition] Added Kzozel Yantar, a stronger version of Kzozel

● Reduced the throwing precision of hunchback mutants
● Mutant dog's acid blob attack will now deal some of its damage directly

Quests / Areas
● Added a mercantile check when paying to use the Wormhole
● Silas' death will no longer fail the attack on Scrapper base quest; the player can now speak with Colton to get the reward instead
● Added shiv components to certain encounters in which the player loses his inventory
● Added new graphics for a few secret cave doors
● [Expedition] Added more content for the waterways - one big new dungeon, a couple of smaller locations, many new random encounters and other stuff
● [Expedition] Added some new ways to escape from a jail guarded by a hefty knife thrower
● [Expedition] Added a vending machine to the Gray Army base; it accepts zlatortiyas only
● [Expedition] In the same base, it is now possible to translate messages on one of the computers with sufficient intelligence
● [Expedition] Added a tool with which the player can repair/configure a certain camp defense asset; found in multiple locations in the Black Sea

Continued below =========>
high rated

● You can now zoom the game in by holding shift while scrolling the mouse button, but the feature needs to be enabled in the options first
● High explosive and frag greandes and mines now have new visual effects

● Made a new death screen that will allow you to scroll through the combat log to see exactly what killed you if you didn't catch it during combat
● Fixed the scroll bars so they can be mouse scrolled when moused over

● Locus Of Control - Change AoE radius to 2 (down from 3)
● Force User - now also increases health of force field by 50% (plus 5% per spec, max 5 spec points)
● Critical Power - Base bonus changed to 1% (down from 1.5%) and spec bonus changed to 0.1% (down from 0.15%); I'm not happy with this feat in general. Straight unconditional passive damage boost feats is something I'm going to avoid in the future for sure

● Acid pistols (and other acid attacks) will now spill acid on the ground regardless of whether they hit the primary target or not
● Certain random encounters will no longer appear in low-level zones (Arsonist in early under-passages, rabid dogs in Crossroad Caves, etc.)
● Balor now has Sprint, and gets an adrenaline shot on higher difficulties
● Cliff can now be given a coagulation shot to stop him from bleeding to death
● Kareem now needs his "memory refreshed" when asked about certain things
● The Black Eels questline can now be started after you've found the drill rotor circuit board
● Halved the amount of money Mykola needs to repair one big machine from 2000 to 1000 charons
● Some dialogs tweaked to reflect the new psi changes

● Fixed the bug that cause the energy shield to dissipate at 2% instead of the nominal 10% rate every turn, but I set it to 5% base now instead because 10% just seems a bit too severe to me now; also changed the minimal dissipation rate to 1.5% (down from 2%)
● Explosive barrels and various misc. explosions should now properly trigger volatile entities such as mines
● Throwable barrels and rocks will now behave properly when throw in water (they will not detonate on impact)
● You can no longer double-click while holding a modifier key (shift, alt, or ctrl). This is to prevent situations such as rapdily alt-left clicking to transfer items from a container from also triggering the double-click event and transfering extra items. Let me know if thiscauses any anomalous behavior.
● Sledgehammer and machete handle now also count as metal components like knife one
Fixed the bug that would cause the caster tentacles to crash the game after the player dies or disengages
● Ranged weapon innate precision modifier will now always be applied if it's negative
● Fixed Gorsky's base not being renovated on easy difficulty
● Fixed sometimes not getting a quest note (and subsequent xp once it's completed) from Kohlmeier when starting his quest
● Fixed traps not despawning after Foundry mines have been cleared, which resulted in hostile miners
● Fixed spears and nets not appearing in the loot locker in the Arena
● Fixed Saban not properly receiving his spare W2C ammo
● [Expedition] Fixed JSHQ bioscan not detecting mutagens
● [Expedition] Fixed an entrance to a cave near a certain homestead being impassable, even if discovered
● [Expedition] Fixed an important flag not being set when going through some branches during a discussion about a truly deathly topic with the Ferryman
● [Expedition] Fixed electrified floor destroying auto-turrets in Water Treatment Facility in one of the variations; also added a sound effect during discharge as to give the player a warning
● [Expedition] Fixed a bug where sleeping in the camp (and under very specific circumstances) triggering a certain crucial event even if the player, paradoxically, already prevented its occurence
● [Expedition] Fixed the final quest note prematurely being marked as completed
● [Expedition] Fixed a crash that may occur if the player obtains some floaty things for the camp too early
● [Expedition] Fixed certain native weapons being non-equippable
● [Expedition] Fixed Captain Grim sometimes ending dialog when telling him about some facilities
● [Expedition] Fixed being able to sleep in the camp even after you got fired
● [Expedition] Fixed the bug that caused players to get stuck on some hives after destroying them.
● Minor dialog/map/scripting tweaks
high rated

● Changed the value of Psi Inhalant to 500 (up from 250)
● Changed the value of Small Oxygen Tank to 275 (up from 150)
● Added static psi inhalants to a few early game dungeons, and Pasquale now gives you four inhalants instead of two
● Electric creep in Water Treatment Plant Facility will now reset when you exit the zone
● Buffed Gorsky
● Added a few agility checks to the Core City sewers
● Core City warehouse defenders will now stay in the room they're in and won't run out into the larger area and get themselves overwhelmed
● All Arena participants (including the player) will automatically turn on their shields at the end of match cutscenes and not the beginning
● Added a couple of stronger creatures to the Arena on higher difficulties
● Dangerous water shallows in the new dungeon will no longer deal damage but will instead either be passable or impassable depending on what jet ski you're riding
● [Expedition] Renamed Magnar's shield bash and increased its damage
● [Expedition] Staggered the temporal distortion triggering sound a bit so they do not overlap too much
● [Expedition] Added the ability to lower UPCCS Armstrong shields once aboard

● Enarge should now properly lasts 2 turns max as stated in the original update
● You can no longer AI-scramble Dreadnoughts
● You can no longer bandage force field
● Fixed the bug that caused turrets (including those manned) to fail to target force field when it blocks the firing line to the player
● Fixed the bug that would sometimes cause vanishing powder to crash the game when used in real-time, also your turn should no longer automatically end as if you have no more action or movement points after using it when you've enabled "Automatically end turn" in gameplay options
● Fixed Lucas' new quest sometimes not completing properly
● Fixed being able to bring certain items into the Gauntlet. Also suited up the player before the intro cutscene; looks better then walking around in your underpants
● Fixed various minor things related to new waterway dungeons/events
● Fixed Otto's jetski missing engine
● Fixed an issue with faction hostility regarding the members of Drag 'n' Drop
● Fixed Pagos store not accepting any currency
● [Expedition] Fixed Protectorate Cruiser patrols using Aegis Patrollers instead
● [Expedition] Fixed Zoner Ma and dumpster-diving hobo not taking money from the player even if their dialog states so
● [Expedition] Fixed Reef Glider selling price
● [Expedition] Fixed musical cypher text being unintentionally bolded at certain places
● [Expedition] Fixed the bug that would cause Naga protectors fusion cannon explosion to go through the force field
● Minor global map fixes
● Minor dialog and map fixes


● Holding left or right ALT key will now allow you to always target the tile and ignore any entities; this will allow you to get behind your forcefields among other things

● Tweaked the NPCs decision making a bit regarding when to attack the Forcefield and when to go around

● Electrokinesis will now be automatically innervated when learned from Bison
● Neural Overload will now be automatically innervated when learned by alternative means from Ezra
● Serrated and broadhead bolts and bear traps will no longer ignore bleed immunity on living creatures
● Cyrokinetic Orb will no longer be able to crit targets immune to it when used with Psionic Mania
● Psi-cognitive Interruption will no longer deal more damage than psi burned (modified by the damage modifier of course); previously it could deal normal damage even if no psi was burned
● Fixed the bug that caused the game to crash when using force field against crawlers
● Headlight component no longer stacks
● Fixed Ion's quest upon completion not awarding player with money
● [Expedition] Further fixes to the Dude's door
● [Expedition] BArm Grinder 350 will now sport its stated power (instead of 250)
● minor map and dialog fixes


● Reduced the headlight enhancement and electric torch buzzing sound volume
● Sound played when force field is damaged will no longer stack volume
● Added static desaturated psionic inhalant blueprints and components to stores
● Added 10 psi inhalants to the Gauntlet starting pack

Psi abilities
● Electrobolts will no longer jump to force field segments (but they can target them directly)
● [Expedition] Psycho-temporal contraction reversal chance now reverse-scales with skill and you can see the chance; and the psi cost reduction stated in the previous hotfix is now actually live

● Added Psycho-neural Optimization - While having only one psi school innervated, the psi cost is reduced by 10%.
● Added Psycho-neural Flexibility - One psi school is ignored when determining psi cost multischooling penalty.
● Added Expanded Psi Capacitance - Increases psi reserves by 30%.
● [Expedition] Shooting Spree - Cooldown changed to 10 (up from 8 ) and now only refunds one attack unspecced (see below)

● Force User: Forcefield Health - now increases FF health by 10% per spec point (up from 5%)
● Added Psycho-neural Optimization spec - further reduces the psi cost by 1% per spec point (max 5)
● Added Expanded Psi Capacitance spec - further increases psi reserves by 10% per spec point (max 2)
● [Expedition] Shooting Spree: Cooldown - max spec points changed to 4 (up from 2)
● [Expedition] Added Shooting Spree: Shots - Increases the number of refunded shots by one (max 1).

● Desaturated Psi Inhalant - Now restores 1500 psi reserves (up from 1000) over the same period
● Bullhead - Now also provides immunity to daze.
● Added Psi Circuit Extension - an enhancement for psionic headband that grants an additional psi slot

● Fixed the bug that caused a new psi ability to be innervated into all free slots instead of just one when learned from a teacher
● Force field will no longer trigger traps
● Enemies should no longer be able to AoE and Burst through Force field
● Force field will no longer act as a decoy, at least not as well as it did
● Made forcefield immune to most status effects
● Consuming Psycho-neural Reconstructive Pill will now properly remove innervated abilities from locked slots
● Fixed the bug that caused the entrance jumping ramp to stop working
● Fixed a minor bug in Harlands dialog and nerfed the reward to his quest from 500 SGS credits to 400
● Refixed new secret cave doors
● Fixed a bug in Broderick's dialog where he wouldn't take you to Silent Isle under certain circumstances
● Fixed a bug that prevented players to use stairs in certain location after they've saved the game in said location
● [Expedition]Fixed D' Flinger aggroing people for carrying weapons around
● [Expedition] Psycho-temporal contraction base psi cost changed to 50 (down from 75) for real this time
● minor dialog and map fixes
high rated
Standalone installer updated: Windows, ⇒

Crossing the Styx (

Hi guys,

We're rolling out a new content update. It's going to be a somewhat weird update because the main bulk of the content is centered around something that is not part of a mainstream playthrough. We added an interesting adventure and resolution to players who get... genetically compromised during their time in Underrail. Where and how is for you guys to find out (it does require the Expedition DLC though).

Also we've added more than a dozen new areas to the game, some of which will appear randomly in different playthroughs.

Mechanics-wise I've taken a look at firearm pistols, throwing, and super steel weapons and made some improvements and/or tweaks there.

Anyway, here's the full list of changes, minus the secret stuff:

• You can now throw acid vials
• Obscure weapon improved in an obscure way [Lemurian Spear works with High-Technicalities]
• Infused Bison leather will now provide more fortitude when crafting boots (not applied retroactively)
• Vigorous Belt now also grants 15 fortitude
• AI Scrambler and Hypno Goggle value will now scale with their effective level

• Added a toggle on the right side of the action bar that, when turned on, will prevent you from interacting with all containers and other usables while in turn-based mode; The main purpose of this feature is to prevent you from misclicking enemy remains, but it will also help with the doors
• In character sheet window, modified skill values that are currently affected by syngergies will be highlighted in yellow

• Reduced the max spec points that can be invested in Wrestling spec to 5, since more would just take you over 100% chance to apply. If you invested more than that: lol noob! (j/k You'll get those back on the next level up (unless you're max level in which case: lol noob!))

Metal Weapon Changes
• Tungsten sledgehammer critical chance reduced by 1%
• Supersteel sledgehammer critical chance increased by 2%
• Supersteel sledgehammer action point cost reduced by 2
• Supersteel spear will now grant 3% precision bonus
• Supersteel machete will now grant 3% precision bonus
• Supersteel machete action point cost reduced by 1
• Supersteel combat knife will now grant 5% precision bonus

Pistol changes
• Increased critical hit chance of all firearm pistols by 3% (new base is 10% now)
• Firearm pistols damage increased by about 25%
• Firearm pistols now ignore up to 40% of target's evasion at close range
• Sharpshooter now grants the critical damage bonus to firearm pistols at all times regardless of focus
• Added Gun-Fu feat - When attacking with firearm pistols in melee range, your effective attack skill is increased by 40% (up to 60% through specialization) of your unmodified melee skill for all purposes, including the damage done
• Added Bullet Time feat - When activated, reduces action point cost of firing firearm pistols by 30% (up to 50% through specialization) until the end of the turn.

Throwing Knives
• Reduced the base damage by about 20%, they now incur 130% of mech resistance and threshold (up from 125%), but the damage that passes the armor is increased by 75%
• Added Remote Surgeon feat - Increases the unresisted damage modifier of throwing knives by additional 50% (up to 100% through specialization)
• Added Knife Throw's Gloves which increase knife throwing precision by 5% and reduce AP cost by 3
• Added Shock Shurikens

• Certain plasma sentries will now deploy their plasma cannons in real-time and wait for the player

Mechanical Tweaks
• Incendiary grenades will no longer be activated if they hit a traversable water tile (they will trigger if they hit an occupied water tile, though)
• Groin Guard now also grants immunity to Dirty Kick's extra stun duration
• TNT Charge will now use the new explosion visuals (same as HE grenades)
• Pyrokinetic stream will now emit light
• Added a small cooldown to playing sounds that should, hopefully, prevent volume stacking
• Fixed a number of ability and feat descriptions to properly state "humanoid" instead of "human" if they affect that category
• Fixed a number of ability and item descriptions to state when the bonuses are only affecting weapon and unarmed attacks
• Fortitude will now help with poison resistance (mostly manifested through reducing poison duration)

• Added Napalm Barrels, a stronger version of regular explosive barrel that also spawns fire; these can be thrown by the usual suspects
• A certain very, very bad gas that's been released into an under-passage hideout now dissipates after some time
• Added the Lost Vault dungeon in Upper Caves
• Added new Core City sewers random fragments
• Added new GMS vault cave which are randomly selected when starting a new game. Ongoing playthroughs will still have the default map
• Added a new source of very bad gas inside a certain bunker in Upper Caves
• [Expedition] Added the ability to climb up the cliff at the entrance to the Black Sea (requires some high agility)
• [Expedition] Added a rift to Fort Apogee
• [Expedition] Added a certain mentioned wild boar to the Hathorian hunting grounds. Snort!

Content Tweaks
• Decreased movement speed and movements points of Tithonus Lab residents; also tweaked their AI as to make them more likely to give up chasing the player
• Added the ability to peek over the guard rail outside Arke's power room to see if anything's waiting near the elevator
• The player can now tell the Core City warehouse defenders to set up their defenses at three different positions in the building
• Various minor changes to the Lost Vault entrance area, as well as some npc and dialog tweaks
• The Emporion Mall Lunatics are now a bit less sensitive to sound. Reckless players will still be able to alert entire floors, but playing with care will result in fighting smaller groups at a time, which also prevents pathfinding slowdowns
• Jookhela got a new coat of paint
• [Expedition] Minor tweaks to Ray's Shop as to prevent a few camera vision exploits
• [Expedition] Dude will now make you another Juice in case you waste the first one.
• [Expedition] He'll also take hydraulic fluid from DC instead of a certain gun lube (as they're both mineral oil-based).
• [Expedition] ...and he accepts mushroom brew as currency following a certain event.
• [Expedition] Reduced the slowdown that occurs during the boat-riding cutscene at the start of the expedition

• Pyrokinetic stream will now properly apply Thermodynamicity when the invocation ends
• Pyromaniac's extra damage from specialization will now properly be applied
• Thermodynamic Destabilization can now trigger Pyromaniac
• Psi window will now be hidden while the character sheet is open like other windows are
• Invoking Psycho-temporal Contraction while already under effects of one will not grant you more action and movement points in that turn
• Fixed the value rounding bug when displaying character damage resistances
• Fixed the bug that caused doppelgangers to not despawn in real-time combat
• Fixed a long standing animation glitch that caused the animation to abruptly end after the psi ability is invoked
• Fixed the bug that would sometimes cause the game to crash when an acid barrel is thrown
• Fixed the bug that would sometimes cause the death screen to be uninteractble when you die during a cutscene
• Fixed being able to avoid confronting Jookhela through the power of turn-based mode exploits
• Fixed Tobias in Tithonus Lab turning on the power during turn-based combat instead of trying to make sure it's off
• Fixed Aran not getting a health buff on Dominating
• Fixed GMS level 3 doors not working with automatic door opening option checked
• Fixed sometimes not getting xp when completing a certain assassination quest for Edgar
• [Expedition] Fixed not being able to talk to Katya after visiting "the cave", as well as a certain dialog option not showing up regarding something you see at the entrance to the Black Sea
• Various minor dialog and map fixes and tweaks

That's all for now. Let us know how you like the new content.

high rated
Standalone installer updated: [Windows] ⇒


• Fixed the crafting requirements bug
• "Prevent Combat Interaction" toggle state will now be persisted when saving the game
• Fixed the bug that would cause the shock shuriken blueprint to bug out when generated randomly (the currently bugged items will remain such, though)
• Removed a certain portrait from character selection options
• [Expedition] The Ferryman will no longer be too sympathetic to players who've played with the very, very bad gas
high rated
Standalone installer updated: [Windows] ⇒


• Muties at a certain laboratory will react differently to a stealthed player
• Increased loot quality and quantity in blast furnace random fragment dungeon (sewers)

• Certain special belt ability will now have an icon
• You can no longer switch weapons if you are stunned, incapacitated, etc
• Crafting slots tooltip will no longer show 10% composition difficulty even if it doesn't apply
• Non-firearm pistols will now property receive Sharpshooter bonus (when focused)
• Fixed the bug that would cause Bullet Time to incorrectly modify AP cost by being applied prior to Gunslinger
• You can no longer use a certain special belt without equipping it
• The abovementioned special belt will no longer expend excessive action points
• Fixed being able to end Arena matches without killing every hostile NPC during vs. creature fights
• Fixed a potential crash when entering the zone outside the Lost Vault
• Fixed an inaccessible dexterity check container in the Lost Vault and removed a deprecated item from the loot table
• Fixed siphoners being able to suck blood from forcefields
• A certain Explosive event now triggers properly, increased the delay duration for it to happen (from 5 to 20 ingame hours)
• Fixed several minor issues in Fatso's lair.
• [Expedition] Fixed the bug that duplicated Razor and likely some other people, though the already made clones will be spared
• [Expedition] You can no longer undergo genetic shenanigans while on a jetski (you will die instantly)
• Various minor dialog/map/scripting fixes
high rated
Standalone installer updated: [Windows] ⇒


• Fixed the bug that would cause zone transition failure when re-entering the area when fire from molotov was expiring
high rated
Standalone installer updated: [Windows] ⇒


• Fixed a certain corpse appearing prematurely in Core City sewers
• Fixed the Lost Vault keycard not opening the gate properly
• Fixed several social checks requiring baseline values to succeed.
• Fixed several loot drops in new sewer fragment dungeons.
• [Expedition] Fixed a minor dialog bug which prevented an interaction between the Ferryman and an important person
• [Expedition] Fixed giant crabs not skittering about during real time gameplay
• Various minor dialog/map/scripting fixes
thank you for the updates over here! I bought bought a copy here and on steam and love to play them here and really thank you for the support here!