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Changelog for patch / GOG-11 (Windows) (added 14 April 2016):

- Fixed the bug that caused the characters to be able to cast psi abilities even if they lack psi points
- Fixed the bug that put the player in combat when environmental effects that they caused hurt NPCs in controlled areas, even though the player is hidden
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Well the update is finally here, but no changelog. GET. ON. THE. BALL, GOG.
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Changelog for patch / GOG-12 (Windows) (added 04 May 2016):

- Fixed the bug that caused the values in the skill list to be displaced.
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Changelog for patch (added 06 February 2017):


- AP reduction from Gunslinger feat will now properly affect only firearms
- Added feats: Bowyer (crossbow crafting)
- Ripper feat will now properly work with serrated knives


- Added a new visual model for siphoner, ancient rathound, and super steel armor
- Telekinetic proxies and electrokinetic imprints will now be visible behind walls


- Added tooltips for empty gear slots
- Forcing the vent with crowbar will now be done through Quick Invoker (once the crowbar is equipped, you'll get the ability there)
- Changed the "Focused" tooltip to be gender neutral (tested for all 99 genders)


- Cats nerfed
- Dreadnoughts buffed
- When a character that has nightvision turned on gets flashbanged, they will also be dazed for 5 turns
- Some of the merchants now have additional mercantile checks which (if passed) will expand that merchant's store inventory


- Borer Gizzard renamed to Metaworm Gizzard and is now also dropped by Latchers
- Most special bullets now also require TNT to craft
- Added blueprints for standard, W2C and JHP bullets
- Mechanical bolt blueprint renamed to Serrated bolt blueprint
- EMP mine case now counts as electronic component
- Added a couple more instances of Black Eye, Loaded Dice, Train Driver Manual and Train Log oddities
- Increased the drop chance of Quad Damage Module oddity
- Changed the Electronic Idol oddity to provide 3 xp for a max of 1 study as it should have been

Bug fixes

- Generated metal armors enhancements will have quality other than 1 now
- Quick load will now work during enemy's turn
- Closing interface help window by right clicking will no longer disable keyboard commands
- Fixed the dialog window option highlighting when there's 10 or more dialog options
- Fixed the cut-off tooltips on smaller resolutions with small font size (on most tooltips; there still might be some that just have too many lines)
- Fixed the bug that caused caltrops to drain action points immediately instead of movement points first
- Fixed the minor glitches with trap detection calculations
- Crawlers and Faceless Gaunts will no longer land on occupied tiles when escaping from sight
- Telekinetic Proxy now properly removes Premeditation when it makes use of it
- Fixed the bug that caused Dreadnought to keep moving if you attempted to dismount during movement
- Fixed the bug that caused the player to receive experience when an NPC was killed by a doppelganger that someone else created
- Expose Weakness will now properly count as a melee attack (it will be affected by Uncanny dodge for example)
- Pyrokinetic Stream and Pyrokinesis should now always properly invoke "heating effect"
- Heating effects should now properly remove Cryo-shield
- Cooling effects should now properly remove Exothermic aura


- Fixed a certain zoner appearing later in the game in some cases even if Rista's quest concerning him hasn't been completed
- Fixed positioning problems during the cutscene in which you lead Edgar to RK's lair that might occur when the player has increased his movement speed beyond a certain point
- Fixed the missing train quest bandits not becoming hostile if the player fails a certain skill check
- Fixed killing the old man in GMS crashing the game after the situation has been dealt with
- Fixed a bug which caused a transition error when entering the zone where Duff is supposed to spawn
- Fixed being able to give a certain man a certain helmet more than once and receive more than one reward
- Fixed a few unreachable dialog branches (Old Jonas, Leo and one notable heavily armored commander)
- Fixed some late game Tchortists not recognizing that you are wearing a certain type of robe
- Fixed a dialog bug which prevented the players from telling the Rejects how to escape
- Fixed some items disappearing from Fraser's store inventory after certain events take place
- Fixed a few bugs with the end game slides
- Fixed issues with one of the tunnelers in DC after it has been despawned
- Fixed being able to kill the Gauntlet runners before the event without anyone caring
- It is no longer possible to pay 1 charon to Silas for Grover's debt instead of 100 charons
- Arke cameras and turrets will now properly go offline after being shut down at the main console
- Edgar's quests will now properly fail if you kill him
- The player will no longer be able to start a civil war in Core City by fighting with the burglar in the house opposite to the Praetorian Security headquarters
- Added another option to acquire ICPD from Duff, plus some more flavor if you handle the situation in a certain way
- Added another way to capture hoppers for Bret
- Added another way to obtain Elwood's keycard
- Did some tweaks to the main quest in Foundry, added more dialog options and removed some of the backtracking; also, the miners will now return to the mine at the end of the quest
- Gaining access to Foundry prison security room will also remove protection from the security console there; added another hacking option as well
- Changed so that failing to intimidate Rubin will no longer make him not want to speak to you anymore
- Hathorians will occupy the area north of the camp after it has been cleared
- SGS soldiers and workers will now occupy the outposts after the player has cleared them
- A certain faction in DC will now be handing out better ammo than previously
- Fixed a faulty transition in one of the zones beneath the Mushroom Forest
- Fixed GMS jammed ventilation shaft being incorrectly positioned; also made some minor changes to the vent layout to accommodate this
- The usual minor stuff (map/dialog/quest tweaks and fixes)


Changelog for patch (added 06 February 2017):


- Fixed a certain flag not being set properly when talking to Luben during the ICPD quest
- Marcos will no longer get cloned
- Supplies to Rail Crossing will no longer appear even if the train had never been recovered
- Fixed the visual issues with the new super steel, siphoner and ancient rathound armor variations
- Options window will no longer reset dialog background alpha slider


Changelog for patch (added 06 February 2017):


- Fixed a bug where a certain armored commander in DC did not properly react to the player being a member of the Institute of Tchort
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Really want to post the changelog but will defer to the blue text for that honor, it's a near chapter-length of bug/balance fixes!
takezodunmer2005: Really want to post the changelog but will defer to the blue text for that honor, it's a near chapter-length of bug/balance fixes!
I assume you're referring to the Patch 1.0.3 - Hotfix series? If so, go ahead and post it, I don't think that a blue-text will - the only changelog made available to users here is the latest Hotfix, which additionally is labelled as Patch

EDIT: I was mistaken, they're all there. Sorry, GOG.
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Changelog for Patch (added 29 December 2017):

- Increased Coil Spider psi points and psi regeneration
- Coil Spiders now have darkvision
- Added Greater Coil Spiders
- Added a new machinegun turret to replace the regular auto-turret in certain places and on certain difficulties
- Increased dodge and evasion of burrower spawns, but also increased their susceptibility to AoE attacks
- Dogs will now attempt to bump you out of stealth when the detection gets into ALERTED state, just like human NPCs (on normal difficulty or higher)
- Added a stronger version of psi beetle
- Increased crawler attack damage a bit; they also regenerate health now (even in combat) and have dark vision
- Added a stronger version of crawler
- Added stronger version of mutants Hunchback mutants

- Added the global map
- Added DOMINATING difficulty, mechanically it inherits the modifications of hard difficulty and also increased NPC health by 50% and skill levels by 30%.
- Changed the way hit change display handles oscillating lighting or otherwise dynamic lighting. This also should fix some anomalies like the hit chances changing when saving/loading or transitioning.
- Removed cooldown for arming traps
- Removed cooldowns from lockpicking and hacking
- Reduced the time it takes for the game to yield the control back to the combatant after he kills the target; it doesn't wait for scrolling text and sounds to end now
- Hostilities will now instantly be triggered when you've been detected lockpicking (instead of at the end of the action)
- Increased the damage of chemical pistols by 50% (will be applied retroactively on exisiting items)
- Ground fire will now remove cryogas
- Starting pickpocketing (opening the pickpocketing window) will now require a certain amount of pickpocketing skill depending on the target's detection so not every character can inspect any NPC's inventory (without killing them!)
- Targets will no longer be able to block (in regular way) if stunned, incapacitated or frozen
- You can now unload chemical pistols
- As long as you haven't been fully detected by a NPC, that NPC's detection will be reduced back to zero when you get back into an area where you've been sneaking
- Uncanny Dodge will no longer work while you're stunned or incapacitated in some way
- Dirty Kick will now be subject to Uncanny Dodge and other special defense mechanisms
- You can now root turrets (which makes them susceptible to acidic entanglement)
- On normal difficulty and above, transitioning between areas (red transitions) will now cost action points
- Improved NPC pathfinding slightly
- Primary non-mechanical damage (not caused by on-hit effect) on melee weapons will now scale with weapon skill (like the bio damage on The Claw), but will no longer scale with strength
- On hard difficulty EMP will drain energy (and subsequently deal damage to the holder) from all items in the inventory (not just equipped ones)
- Reduced the ranged weapon precision reduction from low light slightly
- Antidote will now randomly choose the order of poison removal, instead of going in the order they were applied

- Turn-based mode will no longer automatically end at the end of the turn if there are incapacitated enemies near
- Reduced the alpha on energy shields
- Removed the movement animation reseting when rapidly clicking (there's still a very slight stutter if you click very fast, though)
- You cannot change armor suit while in stealth or while stealth is on cooldown on hard difficulty or above
- Turrets will now drop aggro faster
- Getting additional burning damage will reset the burning debuff remaining time
- New combat taunts for military personnel

- You can now cast Cryokinetic Orb on any non-obstructing tile (such as water and other regularly non-traversable tiles)
- Improved the shard distribution of Cryokinetic Orb on impact
- Changed the range of Frighten psi ability to 5 (up from 3)

- Steadfast Aim strength requirement changed to 5 (down from 6)
- Cooked Shot special chemical pistol AoE attack with radius of 1
- Three-Pointer Changed Throwing skill requirement to 50 (up from 45); The crit chance will now scale by 1.5% per ten throwing skill points above 50, instead from dexterity
- Doctor will now also work with Regenerative Mixture as it should
- Expertise changed the max bonus to 20 (down from 25)
- High-Technicalities increases damage with energy pistols by 7% for each point of intelligence above 5

- Because of the global map, some areas had to be added and some had to be reorganized (especially around the starting cave areas) in order to achieve geographical consistency
- Added a number of possible random events around the world
- Reworked a lot of encounters to scale with game difficulty (from easy to dominating). Normal was mostly kept as it is, but some encounters (typically mid-late and late game ones) were made more difficult on that level.
- Reworked the Free Drone's final mission debriefing dialog with Trenton in order to better handle a certain optional outcome
- DC mindreading will now take into account the number of killed Faceless, which will have negative effects of varying degrees depending on that number; however, kills during certain story-related events where combat is unavoidable will not be counted
- Expanded the Hanging Rat bar and added a base ability check

- Corrosive acid bolt crits will now multiply the acid damage done just like the regular acid ones
- Focus Stim will now properly display duration in the item description
- Fixed the Crippling Strike tooltip
- Fossilized Egg Oddity max studies changed to 3 as it should have been from the start
- Spore Turrets marked as ribles, kneeless and immune to critical hits
- Fixed the bug that caused NPCs to not properly react to being alerted (orange eye) to player's presence
- Fixed spelling errors in special ammo hit effect descriptions
- Fixed the bug that caused Eviscerate to do less damage than stated
- Fixed the rounding error with Critical Power feat
- Fixed a sneaky bug regarding status effect stacking
- Black Dragon poison icon fixed
- Fixed the bug that would sometimes cause player to become undead during cutscenes in which he unpredictably dies (this will apply retroactively, RIP)
- Fixed the 8.6mm Incendiary Rounds (they weren't igniting)
- Jookhela should now be immune to stun and incapacitation like the rest of senior raties (will not update for those who already encountered him)
- Removed Gauntlet advertisement from DC
- Crawlers and other NPCs should no longer unwittingly bump their own kind/faction out of stealth
- Suppressive fire will now only be applied to enemies, as intended
- There was a mess up regarding player's increased chance to get critically hit. Contrary to what the game has been saying, there is no universal to-get-crit (TGC) modifier, instead it only applied for weapon and unarmed attacks, which made things like Psychostatic Electricity rather useless. I've now added psi TGC modifier, so recklessness and psychostatic electricity will now apply to psi abilities as well. Everything else will only work for unarmed and weapon attacks. Tooltips have been updated to reflect this.
- Thought control psi abilities can now be properly centered onto non-traversable (but penetrable) terrain
- Disruptive Field will no longer get bugged out by Locus of Control
- You will no longer hear the sound of NPCs stealthing when you enter an area for the first time, unless you can see them already
- Swapping between two energy weapons while recharging the current weapon will now properly cancel the action
- Fixed the bug with plasma sentry when leaving the area while it's deployed in cannon mode
- Fixed an issue with player's house containers (lockers, shelves, etc.) wherein the items from upgraded or changed containers wouldn't transfer to an always-present shelf in the northeastern corner of the ground floor
- Fixed certain quest notes not being set as completed/failed properly
- Fixed a number of skill checks that used base instead of effective required value or had no value set at all
- Fixed Sneaky not registering the death of one important npc
- Expanded or reworked certain parts of npc dialogs (some more, some less) and also added a few new skills checks to some
- Replaced a few windows in fo_prison with solid walls so that the cameras inside the cell block can't see inside the security room. This was done to prevent the cameras from dispatching all the guards into the room even if the player had been granted access to it
- Fixed a minor issue with a certain Hathor Mine-related cutscenes
- Various minor map and dialog fixes
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Changelog for Patch (added 29 December 2017):

- Changed the damage of XAL-001 acid pistol to 40-50 (up from 25-35)
- Changed the damage of Phase Gun to 40-55 (up from 30-45)

- Fixed Newton dying in the Mushroom Cove base no matter what the player does
- Lucas will now properly give the player a .44 pistol and ammo upon passing the persuasion check
- Fixed the attack option in a certain mugger's dialog
- Fixed a instance in which Gorsky would not give the player the GMS vault card
- Fixed the dialog ending suddenly if you fail Pasquale's psi booster persuasion check

Changelog for Patch (added 29 December 2017):

- Health and healing modifiers will now properly be applied on DOMINATING difficulty
- Fixed some tooltips
- Minor dialog fixes

Changelog for Patch (added 29 December 2017):

- The price and weight of a crafted/generated sniper rifle will now also take into account the price and weight of the scope and barrel (not retroactive for already crafted/generated items)
- The price and weight of a crafted/generated assault rifle will now also take into account the price and weight of the barrel (not retroactive for already crafted/generated items)
- The price and weight of a crafted/generated SMG will now also take into account the price and weight of the barrel (not retroactive for already crafted/generated items)
- The price of a crafted/generated boots now also take into account the price of soles (not retroactive for already crafted/generated items)
- The price of a crafted/generated energy shield emitters now also take into account the price of secondary emitter (not retroactive for already crafted/generated items)

- NPCs will no longer attack you because they were damaged by an explosive barrel that you did not destroy
- Fixed new GMS sentry bots not being hostile to the player
- Minor map and dialog fixes

Changelog for Patch (added 29 December 2017):

- Fixed the bug that caused the sniper rifles to add some of its components' value to its weight

Changelog for Patch (added 29 December 2017):

- Fixed the bug that caused triggering thermodynamic destabilization death to crash the game

Changelog for Patch (added 29 December 2017):

- Fixed the bug that caused bladelings and boars to travel at 30 times the regular speed when affected by adrenaline
- Fixed the bug that would apply -10 to player initiative when loading a save
- Advanced catalyzing belt will now property work with XAL-001
- Deep Worms will now properly follow the player instead of just burrowing once the player has moved out of their range
- Fixed the usage cursor for Foundry mine cart levers
- Fixed not being able to report your findings to Captain Blackwall in certain instances
- Fixed some buggy dogs
- In the instance where you cure Jenny and Cliff hasn't already succumbed to his wounds, he won't spontaneously start bleeding upon their meeting.
- Fixed a few minor glitches with Grover's quest
- Minor dialog fixes

Changelog for Patch (added 29 December 2017):

- Slow immunity will now affect the following status effects (it will only negate the slowing part, not the whole status effect): chilled, knee wound

- Fixed a rare bug with canceling a level up through the game menu
- Fixed the bug that caused the game to crash when destroying cameras, burrower eggs and other inanimate object in turn-based combat with acid gun when the combat speed is increased
- Fixed the bug that caused the cameras in SGS to repeatedly put you in turn-based combat when you try lockpicking/hacking in their presence
- Added the missing stunned animations for hunchback mutants that are carrying objects
- Fixed the bug that enabled the player to close a double door while an NPC is standing in the doorway
- Minor dialog and map fixes
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Changelog for Patch (added 13 February 2019):

- Fixed the issues causing grenades, throwing nets and such to be able to fly through fences in SGS outposts. If this happens in other areas let us know which so we can fix them.
- Fixed the bug that caused Electrokinesis to bypass crit immunity when used with Psionic Mania
- Fixed the problem with plasma turrents not being untraversable in a lot of places
- Fixed various minor map, dialog and quest issues
Fix the thing this games is not running at all!
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### Patch (23 July 2019)

- Fixed the bug that cause the game to crash during ending slides in certain situations

### Patch (22 July 2019)

- When returning to an area after fleeing it during combat, your initiative penalty will be -1000 (up (or down?) from -10)
- Cryokentic Orb can now counts towards fulfilling Hypothermia's psi ability requirement

- Lifting belt now increases carry capacity by 30, but the mechanical damage reduction is changed to 5% (down from 10%)
- Changed the riot gear mechanical damage resistance and threshold bonuses against melee attacks to 100% (up from 75%). Will be applied retroactively.
- Riot gear will now receive flat mechanical damage threshold of 2. Will be applied retroactively.
- Tweaked the description of ballistic panels to better fit their use in different armors (will not be retroactively applied to already crafted items)

- Listed starting action and movement points in the combat stats window

- Fixed the bug that sometimes caused player to receive fear status effect (though it doesn't affect player in any way)
- Fixed the bug that caused the item immunity effects to appear as though they are not being applied in the tooltip (darkened label) even if they were
- Thermodynamic Destabilization no longer ignites targets on explosion when invoker doesn't have the Pyromaniac feat
- Chill and freeze status effects will now always properly remove burning effects
- Cryogas will no longer affect characters that are immune to chilling

### Patch (09 July 2019)

- Added the ability to speed up the game while out of combat
- Added achievements to the GOG Galaxy version

- Kneecap shot bleeding percentage no longer scales from perception, but base bleeding damage percentage changed to 125% (up from 75%)

- Unarmed and fist weapon attacks now incur 140% of target's damage threshold and resistance (up from 125%)
- Increased the damage reduction factor of resolve against neural overload
- Resolve will now reduce the damage received from doppelgangers
- Changed the way the burning damage stacks (in cases when it stacks) - the new burning time left equals either the time left of the existing effect or the duration of the new effect - whichever is longer; the old and the new periodic damage are adjusted so that they produce the same total damage over time; one of the major effects of this change is that you can no longer increase the amount of original damage by constantly resetting the timer
- Separated fear effect caused by burning into a separate status effect and limited it to 2 turns regardless of how long the burning lasts (or if it's extinguished early); this will prevent the fear from lasting too long either from a long burning effect or because of the burning effect being refreshed; also this fear only occurs when a non-burning target is ignited and not when burning is being prolonged/refreshed

- Throwing nets now last up to 2 turns (down from 3) and have a cooldown of 4 turns (up from 3)
- Bullets have new icons
- Increased the chance to entangle enemies when firing acid blob pistol
- Increased the chance to freeze enemies when firing cryo blob pistols
- Reduced the chance to ignite enemies when firing incendiary blob pistol; the total burning damage done from igniting the target will remain the same, but will be spread over more turns (one turn per each
- 80% of the original damage repeated)
- Reduced the weight of chemical ammo

Nice Things
- Containers that you opened once will now have darker labels
- Organic enemies that die while burning will now be smoking and appear charred
- HE grenades and some other explosions will leave temporary marks on the ground
- Gas clouds will now fade in/out
- New barrels

- Fixed the bug that would allow player to cancel leveling up without being able to reattempt it
- Fixed the problem that caused the items to take up weird positions in the filtered inventory when the player attempted to reorder them manually
- Cut Throat no longer bypasses stun immunities
- Corporeal Projection feat now has a proper icon (instead of using the one from Fast Metabolism)
- Throwing knife will now again properly play impact sounds and effects
- Fixed the bug that caused expertise to add the damage bonus for each separate mechanical damage listed for the weapon, instead of just once (you thought I'd never find out, did you?!)
- Fixed the hole jump crash in Institute
- Heavyweight will now always apply before Critical Power
- Certain giant appendages can now be hit by cryokinetic orb
- Changed the way the cryokinetic orb shards interact with the orb impact tile so now the creatures occupying the tile can also get hit by some of them
- Punching bags will no longer bleed when you punch them
- Global entities (those that can travel between maps) will now also have their suspicion meter drain with time
- Incendiary chemical pistol burning effect will now stack damage with existing burning effect
- Fixed the Nimble bug that would in certain situation give bonus movement points
- Various minor map and dialog bugs
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Changelog for Patch (added 25 July 2019):

- Concussive shots feat will no longer crash the game when you miss an attack with a crossbow.

Standalone installer updated: 29 July 2019.
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Changelog for Patch (added 01 August 2019):

- Quick Tinkering - Setting traps while in combat will now cost 25 action points
- [Expedition] Sixth Shell - will now also grant 10% (+2% per specialization) damage bonus per "shell count" buff stack; the final damage will not be changed
- [Expedition] Spear Throw - Base damage changed to 125% (down from 150%) and damage per unit of range changed to 20% (down from 30%)
- [Expedition] Continuum Ripple - Chance changed to 25% (down from 35%)

- Added Quick Tinkering: Action Points specialization - Decreases action point cost of setting traps using quick tinkering by 5 for each specialization point. Can be taken 5 times.
- [Expedition] Spear Throw: Action Points - Changed action point reduction to 3 per spec point (down from 5)
- [Expedition] Spear Throw: Damage - Increased damage per range per spec point changed to 1% (down from 2%)
- [Expedition] Continuum Ripple: Chance per spec point changed to 2% (down from 3%)

- Supersteel Sheet will now grant mechanical resistance and threshold bonus against all edge melee weapons; this will not be applied retroactively to already crafted/generated armors
- [Expedition] Vehicle parts are now counted as "crafting" item for the purpose of inventory filtering
- [Expedition] Shotgun damage reduced by 10% (both combat and regular)
- [Expedition] Shotgun optimal ranged changed to 4 (up from 3) (both combat and regular)
- [Expedition] 6p Shotgun Shell (Boarshot) - each pellet now does 15% of the nominal damage (up from 14%, even though the tooltip suggested it was 13% previously) and ignores 30% of the mechanical damage resistance (up from 25%)
- [Expedition] 12p Shotgun Shell (Houndshot) - now ignores 55% of mechanical damage threshold (down from 65%) and no longer ignores any resistance (down from 10%)
- [Expedition] 20p Shotgun Shell (Hoppershot) - now ignores 40% of mechanical damage threshold (down from 60%)
- [Expedition] 3p Shotgun Shell (Trainshot) - each pellet now deal 25% of the nominal damage (up from 20%), ignores 80% of mechanical damage threshold (up from 75%) and 50% of mechanical damage resistance (up from 40%)
- [Expedition] Shotguns are now perfectly balanced and there's no need to think about it further

- [Expedition] Limited Temporal Increment no longer affects Fatal Throw and Commando "once per turn" rules

- Observable object cursor will now indicate if the observable has multiple lines to show (with three dots) so you don't miss out on it

- Fixed the discrepancy between stealth detection in turn-based and real-time mode; TB should now be much closer to RT one, especially when it comes to movement
- Fixed the bug that caused NPCs to not try to escape fire while also feared
- Fixed a bug that sometimes caused NPCs to pass their turn trying to reactive their empty energy shields
- Splitting items will now accept input from the numpad
- Fixed the bug that caused a lot of random loot containers to be reseeded on entering the area
- Fixed the bug that caused a store to be mostly emptied out due to some new shipments
- Updated some old barrels
- Fixed Vera's infinite money glitch
- Fixed Arda's mercantile check (it checked base value instead of modified)
- [Expedition] Temporal Distortion will now properly break incapacitation/freeze
- [Expedition] Fixed the bug that caused a shotgun attack to always be reported as a crit when only a single pellet hit the target
- [Expedition] Fixed the bug that caused the combat shotgun currently being crafted to indicate it can burst as many shots as your current shotgun weapon if it's equipped
- [Expedition] Fixed some dialogue branching issues after rescuing a certain important person and talking to them afterwards
- [Expedition] Fixed being able to repeatedly report to Professor Oldfield about the Crimson Meadow Horticulture Center
- [Expedition] Fixed Cruzer not appearing during the Rig mission report in a certain instance
- [Expedition] Fixed the muties getting angry at the player too early for not delivering them the promised medications
- [Expedition] Fixed a certain person not towing a certain vessel if told to do so over the navcom
- [Expedition] Fixed a bug with the professor not following you in a certain instance
- Various minor dialog and map fixes
high rated

- Cooked shot with incendiary chemical blob pistol will now apply fear effects to the fire-fearing creatures
- Fence door made a bit easier to click
- Reduced the maximum combat and movement speed up while in turn-based mode to 500% (down from 1000%) to avoid it glitching out some abilities
- Kareem and Freddy now also sell fish
- Sapke now uses W2C bullets
- Loot from Arena matches will now be stored in the loot locker behind Lanista
- [Expedition] Locusts will now spawn out of the hive every second turn instead of every turn
- [Expedition] The sounds of crabs poping out of the ground will no longer stack in order to burst your eardrums

- Added Mole Cricket - a puny early game insect
- Added Young Psi Beetle - a weaker version on regular psi beetle to be used in the early game on lower difficulties
- Added Small Sentry Bot - a weaker version of the regular sentry bot to be used in the early game on lower difficulties
- A certain evil robot assistant has been upgraded
- Balor and Cornell now have unique models
- Core City faction members now have distinctive looks

- Added a throwing net blueprint. One net requires 50 fabric scraps.
- Added a thin and frag grenade and mine case blueprints. Create multiple cases from a metal plate (scales with plate quality).
- Added lockpicks blueprint. They can be crafter from any type of metal plate and lockpick level scales with metal quality. Also at very high levels of metal quality you'll create bonus lockpicks. This is a rare blueprint.
- Changed the required amount of scraps when creating a repair kit to 40 (up from 20) per stack
- When recycling an item, the total weight of the scraps will always be less than the weight of the original item

- Added a faction specific armors and item for JKK, Coretech, Praetorian Security, Protectorate, Free Drones, and [REDACTED]
- TNT Charge value changed to 800 (up from 350)
- Added digital timer and cardboard container as a static merchandise to several traders
- Huxkey can now be sold as electronic device
- Improved Jawbone crossbow
- Added a new unique crossbow somewhere out there
- Changed the weight of repair kits to 1 and advanced repair kits to 2 (up from 0.25)
- Changed the value of .44 JHP bullet to 52 (up from 20). No idea why it was so cheap before.
- Fishing rod made a bit easier to click
- Fishing rod's range has also been increased, making it possible to fish from some elevated platforms
- Dismantling the fishing rod will now be done by right clicking and choosing that option
- Added graphite as static merchandise to couple of stores
- [Expedition] By popular demand the certain fancy armor will now sport the hood and mask on the player character also
- [Expedition] Added bison milk consumable
- [Expedition] Sormirbaren Spirit Staff no longer reduces psi costs

- Added a couple of mini-dungeons that may randomly appear in the early game
- The player can now ask Quinton for another set of putrefying bolts in case they used them up and still haven't managed to finish the quest
- Fixed a gate leading to Depot A not being lockpickable
- Added an agility check for climbing over the fence near the Protectorate embassy in Junkyard
- [Expedition] Added a few extra visual clues to that cool dude's first old home; also lowered safe's required lockpicking skill to 60
- [Expedition] Added an agility check for climbing over a wall in JSHQ's barracks
- [Expedition] Tweaked the way camp loses supplies over time (slowed down and made a bit more consistent and dependent on more factors)

- Cut-throat action point cost changed to 25 (down from 30) and can now also be performed out of stealth against incapacitated targets

- You will now see which targets qualify for Ambush feat proc based on their and your current location. The indicator will be placed left of the target's health bar.
- Fixed the small offset of different chemical ammo icons that are show above the XP bar
- The log will now write "is destroyed" for non-living targets
- [Expedition] Fixed the vehicle weight display bug


- You will no longer be able to export your character while riding a vehicle
- When casting electronic imprint on a "melee" trap, such as bear or blob trap, the trap will no longer jump to your location to trap you, but instead be destroyed in a regular manner; However, in addition to this, the electronic imprint will also automatically backfire in case you attempt to place it on top of any trap and apply its damage and stun to the invoker
- Fixed the bug that would sometimes cause the game to crash when fighting t-lings in DC
- Fixed the bug that caused the Expose Weakness tooltip to sometimes show the wrong reduction value when specced into it
- Fixed transition problems with the rocks gap on the Forsaken Island
- Fixed the exploit that allows Forcefield and some other abilities to be used to determine if there are hidden NPCs on targeted tiles
- Hyperallergenic will now also trigger when consuming psi boosters
- Fixed the bug that caused a certain popular NPC to kill you in the end for no reason
- Industrial bots are now immune to immobilization
- Fixed the bug that caused knife to be invisible when wearing a riot armor with a shield and a cloak
- Fixed the bug that caused chemical destabilization to expire before the damage over time effects (such as acidic entanglement) are applied for that turn; from now on, when resolving a turn, all damage over time effects will be applied before affecting the expiration of any status effect
- Fixed the bug that caused the cameras to sometimes not detect your various thieving shenanigans (such as the case sometimes was in Ray's shop).
- You can no longer decapitate the last boss
- Fixed the bug that caused the keybindings to stop working when the map window is closed (by dialog or opening a container, for example) while you're entering a custom note
- Fixed the bug that would cause the crawlers and deathstalkers to subtley hint at their future hiding location when escaping by using the ceiling
- Fixed hostilities with Gorksy in CC propagating to SGS even when they shouldn't
- Fixed a bug in Foundry prison where erasing security footage didn't prevent hostilities with the rest of the settlement in certain cases
- [Expedition] Fixed the bug that allowed the special ability of a certain unique armor to be turned on even when not wearing it
- [Expedition] Fixed the bug that caused Razor to become invisible when using the shotgun
- [Expedition] Fixed the bug that would cause multiple paranormal entities to spawn from a certain corpse instead of just one
- [Expedition] The expedition will now leave the items from the player's locker behind upon undeployment
- [Expedition] Fixed Ethan being able to teach the players temporal manipulation abilities without them having psi empathy
- [Expedition] Fixed a certain agent not recognizing you gave him Something Important(tm) in certain instances
- [Expedition] Fixed some minor ending slides issues
- [Expedition] Fixed an instance in which a certain kidnapping event can occur even when it shouldn't
- [Expedition] Fixed a scripting bug that in some instances caused a transition error when entering the Arch Island docks map
- [Expedition] Fixed being able to get a new mission even after being fired from the expedition
- [Expedition] Fixed a group of sec-troopers appearing inside an important building in the camp when they shouldn't
- [Expedition] Fixed Seeger sometimes hanging out in front of the Arch Island Keep when he should be in his tent
- [Expedition] Fixed an issue with certain attacks occurring even after the defenders have left the Black Sea
- [Expedition] Fixed the bug that caused the crash after completing the Crimson Horticultural Center (potentially can be triggered on other points during the course of the main quest)
- [Expedition] Fixed being able to kill a certain man hanging out in the Dominating Bar in Core City with gas grenades, traps, etc.
- [Expedition] Choosing to destroy a certain robot in Lemurian Health Center no longer breaks the quest
- [Expedition] Fixed the bug that prevented the Sormirbaren Ballistas to not be able to detect you fully on their own
- [Expedition] Increased the range of Sweep attack to at least match the range of regular spear attacks
- [Expedition] Plasma mines will now have the proper explosion radius of 2, instead of 3
- [Expedition] Fixed the bug that caused Shield Bash (and possibly some other special melee attacks) to use the current weapon crit chance and bonus stats
- [Expedition] Shotgun will no longer trigger Ambush since it's not a single target weapon
- [Expedition] Opportunist will no longer trigger on sea snakes
- [Expedition] You can no longer mount jet skis while immobilized
- [Expedition] Fixed bunch of locust hives that were inaccessible for melee attacks (this will not affect the current playthroughs in which you've already visited the area of the hive)
- [Expedition] Fixed the bug that prevented the paranormal phenomena in certain graveyard to chill out if you leave the area for a while
- [Expedition] Fixed a bug with a certain kidnapping event which was introduced in experimental
- [Expedition] Fixed a certain captain's visitor coexisting in two places at once
- [Expedition] Fixed the certain infinite trading profit bug that was available to the master merchants
- [Expedition] Psycho-temporal Contraction will no longer be affected by armor penalty on following turns
- Various minor dialog and map fixes
I don't mind that this is the second update in 24 hours.

I also don't mind that I have to download about 8.5 GB ... again.

I DO mind, however, that the latest changelog entry in the library is still for version from August.