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So I just finished reading the first chapter. At the end, I was expecting a cinematic or something, but all I got is a black screen and music playing in the background. Going out of fullscreen led me to a static background. Apparently there's supposed to be a scroller here:

Any idea how to get it to work?

During the supposed scroller, this message floods into the terminal...

bltCommand used, but not updated to SDL2 properly
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Same thing with the "credits scroll" in the second episode. :(
Bah I solved it. Apparently I might have missed a few visuals due to this...

The VN wants to use but instead of directly linking to the library, it's loaded on the fly and if that fails, you just won't see the graphics that it was supposed to load.

Anyway, I grabbed v8d from then compiled the library and copied the resulting object under game/lib64/ as