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When I first launched it the game was fine. Now it screen resolution is messed up. Doesn't fit my screen and looks like it's in a 4:3 resolution. I think I may have messed it up running another game that I downloaded along with it but can't get it back to work right.

Also downloaded Sim City 4 which required a (I believe) a 4:3 resolution. Followed directions for that (clicked icon selected Compatability and then Run in 640 x 480 screen resoltuion). Sim City ran fine. However, now Ultimate General: Civil War doesn't run properly. It looks like its in the 640 x 480 screen resolution but the box for it isn't checked. Not sure how to get it back to work right.

None of the other games are having issues, so maybe it's unrelated. Any help would be most appreciated!
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I'm having same issue. Ran fine the first time I played but screen resolution is zoomed in and will not play properly.

I uninstalled and try to verify/repair and restart with no luck.